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Jan 24, 2009 07:12 AM


I took a good friend there for her birthday last night and was I ever impressed. I had been looking for a great seafood meal for a long time and had made a thread previously asking where was recommended. I'd narrowed it to Chiado and Joso's.

I really enjoyed the ambiance and how personable the staff were. Service wasn't slow or too fast, just right and they consistently filled my water glass (a pet peeve of mine). After studying the menu for a little bit and thinking I had decided what I was going for my friend and I had to totally revamp our selections after the tray of what was on offer was brought around. Everything on the platter was explained, its name, where it was from, what its texture/taste was and that we could easily make a platter for the middle as a mixture of various different things, which is what we went for. I really enjoyed the flexibility they let you have with their menu rather than everything being pre-set.

We started with the smoked rainbow trout to split which was really light and tasty but didn't lose a hint of smokiness.

After snacking on some bread our platter arrived with a whole spigola, four gamberoni alla griglia and an order of calamari.

Something that always bothers me when I go and have fish is that it is frequently overcooked and suffice to say the people in the kitchen here definitely know what they're doing. It was cooked, just right - full of flavour, moist, tender - I could go on. The giant prawns were delicious and the calamari here definitely lived up to its reputation. Light, not heavily battered and scrumptious, I felt like I could order another two plates.

We finished off the evening with an order each of the amaretto tartufo - never though I'd see amaretto in a tartufo, maybe I've been living under a rock but this was also really well executed, I felt like I was drinking Disarrono with ice cream which is exactly what I imagined it would taste like in my head.

All in all a fantastic meal, if I made that the money I'd eat here on a frequent basis, alas it shall remain for special occasions.

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  1. "All in all a fantastic meal, if I made that the money I'd eat here on a frequent basis, alas it shall remain for special occasions"

    Radiopolitic, My thoughts exactly. We usually have the calamari as appetizer, and then two of the largest fishes on the platter, trading when we get to the flip side. We skip dessert.

    And we go at lunch, where it is slightly cheaper...even then, for special occasions.

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      Hmm I seem to have added an extra "that" there. Oh well.

      Yeah, I'm a student so at this point I've been relegated to Mr. Noodles. Haha.

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        Well, hurry to your local Shoppers; they have boxes of 12 Mr. Noodles for $1.99; that's less than $0.13 each! I bought two boxes yesterday, and going back for more today.

    2. I love it there but one thing that bothers me is I feel that they haven't put back i anything nto the place with the money they are really needs a renovation it is starting to look like a dump..carpeted floors, low office ceilings tiny old washrooms. I really think it has remained the same for over 20 years?
      Love the Seafood Risotto and the blue ink Spagetti as well . Whole fish...really good but for the price prefer pantheon for $30 whole Fish- just as fresh and nicely simply seasoned for half the price- but the ambiance is way worse