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cheap and good lobster in chinatown?

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I am seeing really cheap lobster in the supermarkets.... does anyone know a tasty place in chinatown where these prices have been cascaded down to the restaurants?

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  1. This thread: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/582905
    gives two different views on the subject, specifically on King Lobster. We enjoyed ours. Let us know how you fare!

    1. Wah Sing advertises there two-for-one lobster for $28.95 but when I called the other day to see if they were open, they said $22. Maybe they need the business!

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        I was at Wah Sing a couple of weeks ago. It's $28.95 most nights, but on Tuesday they have it on special for $22.

      2. Went to Hua Sang today, double lobster special was $28.95 but on Mondays and Tuesdays price is only $22.95. Had it with ginger and green onion, I find their version better than the other chinese restaurants on Baldwin.

        address is 41 Baldwin.

        Hua Sang
        41 Baldwin St, Toronto, ON M5T1L1, CA

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        1. re: squingy

          Hi, I read somewhere online that Hua Sang does not equal to Wah Sing? Do you know which is better - especially in terms of lobster? I think one is at 41 Baldwin and the other at 47...

          Hua Sang
          41 Baldwin St, Toronto, ON M5T1L1, CA