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Jan 24, 2009 06:16 AM

lunch around Salem NH

Posted previously looking for a Sunday brunch but we may be abandoning that idea in favor of a decent lunch in the area. Please help the city dwellers south of the border with a venue in what it to us uncharted territory! Thanks.

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  1. Ralphie's Cafe Italiano for great red sauce Italian with huge servings. Meatballs are the size of a softball. I love the veal specials. in Methuen for solid Middle Eastern.

    People like but I have never been.

    You are also very close to Lawrence and this thread is littered with ideas.

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      This place, Joseph Trattoria and Bakery in Bradford (Haverhill), is less than 12 miles from Salem. It's amazingly good. Here's the link and directions.

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        Yes! I forgot about Joseph's because I have not been there yet. I know of many people who were there for lunch around the holidays that raved about it. Goota check it out soon, looks great.

    2. awesome mexican in Lawrence at Cafe Azteca. I love Joseph's in Bradford. and Ralphie's too. Might want to come down into Andover too - keep hearing good things about Burton'[s Grill too.

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        I'll second Cafe Azteca. Awesome. Never been for lunch, but go for dinner quite often.

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          Last night we dined at Burton's Grill on Rte.114 in Andover. It's consistantly excellent. Our waitress, Erika, was great! We started w/fried calamari.....excellent, light and delicious. My hubby had the Haddock Imperial, stuffed with crabmeat. Awesome! I had the lobster & shrimp over linguine. 4 huge lobster claws and 6 extra large shrimp. Yummy!! So, wonderful!! And a must try is the Snow Pear Martini. OMG!! So delicious!! Even the subtle music is fab. An overall FANTASTIC dinner. 5 stars for sure!!