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Jan 24, 2009 05:52 AM

Royal Castle in N. Miami open again?

I drove by the other day. Employees ( I think) milling around.
Have they reopened? (I hope!)

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    1. Just called- they reopened January 1.

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      1. re: keysrat

        How do they compare to White Castle?

      2. Scroll down, someone went to the re-opened location and has a few pics:


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          1. re: BurgerBeast

            Went tonight, service was a little slow. The chili was definitely Hormel and not heated up. The cheese fries were average at best. I will say, I liked them a lot more in comparison to Krystal burger. I haven't eaten a White Castle in over a decade so I can't really make that comparison. I'll have some pics up on my site later on tonight.