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Jan 24, 2009 05:39 AM

Leftover Pork Roast suggestions

I made the most awesome Pork Roast last night, with a fennel and garlic rub, roasted with small white potatoes, red onions and quartered pears. So, easy and inexpensive to make, too.

Now I have quite a bit of this great pork left over and don't want to waste it.

I've seen recipes for pork sandwiches, but hubby and I are trying to avoid bread.

Any ideas? I do have spinach tortillas on hand -- anyone have any wrap recipe combinations to use with the pork?

Thanks much!

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  1. Fried rice. You'll need some leftover white rice as well.

    1. do a "quasi-thai" wrap, with julienned jicama or green papaya, cilantro, and a dressing of fresh lime juice, fish sauce, minced thai bird chilies, red onion or shallots, thai basil, a wee bit of sugar, similar to this:

      or this looks good (but is more chinese in flavors, imo):

      let the meat sit in the dressing for about 5-10 minutes before wrapping.

      you might get some ideas on the concurrent thread:
      in that, i post a "laab" recipe, and you can serve the laab in butter lettuce "wraps". i'm envious of your possibilities!

      look at my ideas for the thai duck salad -- it would be great with a pork substitute -- here:

      also, look at this thread about wraps (and other things):

      btw, trader joe's whole grain tortillas taste like indian roti. very good for wraps.

      2d btw, i grew up in fort myers.

      1. Oooh do a cuban wrap and grill it in a hot pan to get the outside crisp. Some ham, swiss, mustard, pickles. That sounds like fun.

        I too made a gorgeous pork roast last night. I got the idea to do it on the ronco from someone on chow and it was cooked perfectly. I made a paste of garlic, lemon juice, fresh cilantro, spices- and it smelled amazing. When I took the cook's taste- it was....... SALTY.
        I ran and grabbed the package - Smithfield pork loin and in tiny red letters on the red label it said 'to ensure moistness and flavor, we have injected with up to 15% solution of blah blah blah' - I threw 1/2 a hissy fit. Only 1/2 because no one but the dog was around to see it and it's no fun to hissy solo.
        Anyway- short of throwing it out (it's a 4.57lb-er and there is probably 4.47lbs left) I can only think to involve LOTS of PLAIN RICE if I want to attempt to serve it again.