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Jan 24, 2009 04:38 AM

boring pork. helllp :)

Heya, need help pleaaase :)

Im lazy with porkchops. Normally I just coat them with whatever seasoning im feeling like and pan fry them thil done. Its tasty, and easy.... but boring. So, Im looking for alternate suggestions! Something about the fact that theyre in the forms of chops is draining my creativity.... Does anyone have an interesting, delicious pork recipe? We eat anything- all flavors so lay it on me!


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  1. Pork pairs really well with fruit, especially apples and cherries. Here's a link to a pork chop with sour cherry sauce that's one of my favorites:

    Thursday my girlfriend made heritage chops with an apple rum sauce. I looked on the net and didn't find it -- the one I found used apple jelly, whereas hers used fresh apples. I'll see if I can get the recipe from her and post it. It was very good though.

    1. A couple of things:

      For chops, be sure you get the right chops. Either rib chops (where the bone shape is like a #7) or blade chops (which have more fat and parts, but is closer to the tasty shoulder section of the pig). Avoid T-bone-style and sirloin chops.

      You can ask the butcher for a bone-in pork roast - ask it to be cut from the rib section or the rib section towards the blade section. And ask that it not be trimmed of too much fat. And for the chine bone to be split. And then you can cut your own chops after you make a lovely pork roast (pork, as with almost all meat, is much better cooked on the bone).

        1. There's a nifty little recipe that uses fresh apple slices, onions and garlic as a bed for the chops. You could also try Italian style chops with peppers and vinegar, grilled and served with garlic sauce, with paprika and sour cream (and maybe mushrooms) for a Hungarian twist, with rosemary and white wine or with marsala, garlic, sage, rosemary and basil, smothered Southern-style (like smothered chicken), Chinese-style with rice wine, soy, garlic and five-spice powder....try thinking in international cooking styles and cooking techniques and you'll probably come up with all sorts of possiblities. Remember, too, you can use pork in many recipes that call for veal - you just need to adapt the technique. Have fun!

          1. thank you all! great ideas!