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NYer going to Vegas, looking for off the beaten path, or reasonably priced

I will be going with family to Vegas in March, and being the foodie I am, I must start planning now :) We are all from NY, so I am hoping to avoid restaurants like Nobu, Davidburke, CraftSteak, Penang, Boulud, etc, that are already in NY. I am looking for more suggestions that won't break the bank, but still very tasty and offering something that I might only be able to find in Vegas (besides the buffets). I am also open to Asian rec's, but I am Asian (as is my family), so authenticity is a must (no General Tso chicken type places please). I love Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese (and Japanese too!)

My other questions are, what meal is Bouchon best for?
and is Fiamma still good? the Fiamma in NYC just recently closed (due to the economy) so I might be interested in checking out the Vegas counterpart.

We are open to all suggestions, for example: I am definitely hitting up In-N-Out, it's been a few years since I've been to the west coast! And I am looking forward to stopping in to the Bellagio noodle shop. I think the last time I was there we went to Stratta at the Wynn, and thought that was quite good for the price. Even a good authentic dim sum rec (that is not the $50 pp at the Bellagio!) would be great! Thanks.

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      these previous posts are great! thanks!

    2. Here's some of my favs as a Vegas local - Todd's Unique - steak & seafood with Asian influence. Lotus of Siam - if you love Thai, you must go. Raku & Sen of Japan for Japanese. Rosemary's is a solid choice for lunch (mon-fri) or dinner. Only been to Bouchon for breakfast, but it's our fav breakfast place on the strip. Also MGM has winter dining promo going on now...http://www.mgmgrand.com/dining/winter...

      1. I prefer Bouchon for dinner, but I'm not a big breakfast person.

        Fiamma is very good! You can do better in the Italian dept. though.

        I don't get In-N-Out. So many Chowhounds swear by the place though. It seems like middle of the road fast food to me. Burger Bar is in a whole other league for burgers. Give it a try if you can drag yourself away from In-N-out.

        1. I have been to Bouchon for both breakfast and dinner, definitely prefer their breakfast a lot more.

          Vietnamese: try Bosa 1, it's on Jones, between Desert Inn and spring mountain. Very very good spring rolls, also awesome rice dishes. My new favorite vietnamese restaurant.

          Japansese: Raku, get a reservation, it's getting very popular and the place is tiny. mentioned by Alan Richman as one of his best meals of the year.

          Thai: Archi's, two locations, very authentic and great prices.

          Dim sum: Chang's

          Chinese: my standby is Diamond China (where the mayor of LV went to for chinese can't be all that bad right?), but I heard Ping Pang Pong of Gold coast casino is also very good.

          Enjoy your time and thanks for helping out our local economy.

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            I'm glad you mentioned Bosa 1: Just before Christmas I ate there (it had just opened at the time..)...and really enjoyed it. Some unique items on the menu, and very friendly service. I meant to post, but got caught up in the business of the season and never got around to it. Highly recommended.

          2. For eating good on the cheap I like Ellis Island. Regular 24 hour you can get a 10oz steak with green beans and potato, soup or salad for $6.99. After 4:30 pm the BBQ opens. Half rack of ribs, half a chicken, potato, cole slaw. bbq beans, sourdough bread. Like $9. They also brew their own beer and root beer.

            1. Thanks for all the great suggestions! kudos on the MGM specials. I have added all of your suggestions to my short list.

              is Raku mostly sushi? or do they have a variety of hot dishes as well? I found something called Aburiya Raku on zagat, is that the spot?

              Does Chang's do carts? or is a spot you can order dim sum all night long as well? (menu)

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                Raku doesn't serve sushi. It's all hot and cold dishes, robata-ya too. Yes, it's "Aburiya Raku" at 5030 Spring Mountain.

              2. in-n-out = good to very good. for very good to damn good but a little bit more $$ - kilroy's

                dim sum - ping pang pong, orchids, cathay house, changs, harbor palace. I tend to favor PPP and orchids ( believe it or not, only if they are busy - busier they are, fresher the food - but i have a feeling you know that already !) - way below $50/pp.

                bellagio noodle shop - convenient ? yes. for the $$ - no thanks - hit spring mtn - how about saigon 8 for some pho and in the same shopping center is dakao for some banh mi ( i prefer the grilled/bbq pork )

                chinese - do you like the spicy stuff ? Yunnan garden, dong ting spring are next to each other. but i just had some great heat at china ma ma - the fish filet with hot chili sauce - holy cow !! it might be my fav chinese dish ( i admit, i'm a lazy american - i get so tired of picking out bones, cracking shells, etc etc ) they also make some decent dumplings and buns.

                higher end local spots - rosemary's, todd's unique, vitner grill - my fav of the group is vitner but all are worthy.

                definitely give raku and possibly ichiza a shot. another place that ain't bad is shuseki - what's great about all 3 - they are open late !

                and yes, the high end burger places are on the strip - mandaly, paris, mirage, etc etc have them - i prefer burger bar and blt burger

                happy eating !

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                  Here's a good review of Raku from a local food blogger... http://www.eatinglv.com/2008/07/raku-... I recommend the deep fried chicken, tempura asparagus, kobe beef skewers, corn stuffed with potato, smoked duck. It's open late (3am) so why not make this your 4th meal of the day.

                2. Dim Sum- Chang's on Decatur
                  All Day Dim Sum- Orchids Garden on W Sahara
                  Both places serve dimsum on rolling carts

                  1. If you have a car, try Rincon de Buenos Aires and one of their mixed grills. Very good food and expensive. Very much a locals placel.

                    Rincon De Buenos Aires
                    5300 Spring Mountain Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89146

                    1. Raku is akin to Aburiya Kinnosuke in New York -- it has become very popular and reservations might be a good idea. . Many of the izakaya places in NYC are better than Ichiza, in my opinion.

                      Lotus of Siam is superb, and there is no Thai comparable on the East Coast, especially the northern Thai dishes.

                      The Chinese and Vietnamese situation is fluid, and you've got great recommendations here already.

                      I love the burgers at Kilroy's, two no-nonsense but perfectly pleasant restaurants with a separate bar area. Much better than In-and-Out with terrific service, decent sides, and only slightly more expense.

                      Please note that the Fiamma in LV doesn't have the ambitious cuisine of Fabio's in New York, for good or ill.

                      Have fun.

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                        Glad to hear you like the burgers at Kilroy's...I drive past there often and have wondered what they are like. One is somewhat near my office....just might have to try it soon. Thanks!

                        1. re: janetofreno

                          Funny, on another thread when you talked about having a beer with friends from out of town, I thought of Kilroy's. I took some friends with a 12-year-old son there. The following week, he was given the option to eat anywhere in Las Vegas and he chose Kilroy's. Smart kid.

                          1. re: Dave Feldman

                            A quick report back: the cheeseburger hit the spot on Friday. And the meat was perfectly medium rare...hard to find these days! I also very much enjoyed the sweet potatoe fries, although I'm not sure exactly why they come with a side of cranberry sauce.....

                            1. re: janetofreno

                              Sounds like they are trying to recapture a Thanksgiving meal sans turkey!

                      2. Bouchon's is good all the time.

                        if you are mobile, I come back to my old time stand by for excellent ribs: Lucille's BBQ at Green Valley Ranch.

                        1. jungirl
                          you can always tell the quality and the authenticity of the food by looking at the clientel eating at the restaurants and also the people serving the food. ping pang pong at the gold coast is the real stuff. we ate there once but i couldn't get passed the chicken feet even if they had a bbq sauce. definately authentic. looking for some good prime rib at a very reasonable price? try the prime rib loft in the orleans. good price -good food- nice atmoshere.

                          1. going to vegas this thursday! thanks for all the awesome rec's! we have reservations at Raku, Bouchon and Rosemary. and plans to stop by Kilroy's, some asian spots (will have to painstakingly choose just a few from this long list that looks amazing). i'll report back...