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Jan 23, 2009 09:48 PM

Casual fish market selling boiled or fried seafood?

When I lived in Washington, DC, I used to enjoy going to this fish market on the waterfront close to L'Enfant Plaza. That fish market was one of the few redeeming aspects of living in DC. They sold fresh fish off the boats in these open market stalls and several of the stalls would also cook your purchase any way you'd like it. Refreshingly, the tourists didn't touched it.

They'd regularly have boiled crab, shrimp, and fried fish that they'd sell to you in brown paper bags or styrofoam containers with a couple packages of hot sauce. It was by no means a classy joint - but it was cheap and fun. People would just find a spot on the pier and dig in with their hands.

Are there any places like that in the Bay Area? Or even an hour's drive away? I live close to the Tokyo Fish Market in Albany/Berkeley but it's not the same.


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  1. Princeton Seafood Company in Princeton.

    Cooks Seafood in Menlo Park.

    Both have websites.

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      Not a fisherman's market, but 99 Ranch will cook your fish. There are signs indicating they will cook it, just pick a fish and point to the sign.

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        I believe that's fried only. No hot sauce but only about 1 miles to Pt. Isabel down Central where you can sit bayside and watch the dogs.

    2. There's this truck parked in a parking lot in Richmond that sells fried catfish and other fried seafood(?). It's on San Pablo Ave somewhere between Barrett and Solano Ave. If you're travelling north on San Pablo, it'll be on your right hand side.

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        A few years back when I used to pass through Vallejo several times a week, there was a catfish truck called Brown's Fish Fry that was from Richmond. It's no longer in Vallejo, hope it has a new home.

      2. Soul Trans in Vallejo - corner of Nebraska and Broadway.
        Not really close to you, about a 30+ minute drive

        1. The Seabreeze Market at the bottom of University Ave in Berkeley fries prawns and clams and possibly other seafood (not sure; it's been awhile since I have been there). They boil crabs, too. Lots of informal seats scattered around, mostly outdoor, or you can take stuff to go. They have fruit, salads, smoothies, sandwiches and soup, too. Food comes out pretty quickly so it's good for a quick lunch stop. Right off of Highway 80 at University Ave in Berkeley.

          1. Was driving around San Jose today and went by Race Street Fish & Poultry. It looked very interesting - fish market on one side, ordering counter for cooked seafood on the other side. It was quite busy and there was a nice buzz going on. Big industrial kettle for cooking crabs and a grill / chef outside cooking fish.


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              The cooked food portion has different owners than Race Street Fish and Poultry.In the cooked food portion all the fish and seafood is frozen.Though not excellent,it's not bad .The fried soft shell crabs are a generous size and available year round.

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                In the olden days, Race Street had several fish market/restaurants in the San Jose area, they used to cook up the same fish they sold. The fried seafood is a processed restaurant product. Their clam chowder is often gritty. There is a steamed rice (vs. fries) option.

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                  thanks for filling in with some details about Race Street's cooked seafood .......