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Jan 23, 2009 09:22 PM

Zuma vs. Bo Innovations


Will be going to HK from NYC. Wonder if anyone have any suggestions on which one to pick if there's only one meal.

pretty open to all kind of cuisines

thanks in advance

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  1. Bo Innovation definitely. Zuma is nouveau Japanese food that you can get at a lot of places. But fusion Chinese isn't really available anywhere else that I am aware of. And I think the food tastes good too!

    1. Kinda apples and oranges...but agree with HKTraveler that it's a no-brainer. Can't guarantee that you'll love it, but you're sure not gonna get it elsewhere.

        1. re: alchung

          I agree with HKTraveler and Peech, when travelling one "should" eat as much cuisine not available at home as possible. Plenty of Zuma-likes in NYC but there won't be a Chinese-themed molecular place there.

          On the other hand I wouldn't eat at either if I had only 1 meal.

            1. re: Sher.eats

              yeah i wudn't eat at either if there was only one meal...Zuma would be at the bottom of my list...actually not even on my list! Bo at least has merit due to the "interesting" factor.

          1. Definitely try Bo Innovation. It's rare to find such a creative interpretation of Chinese food. My favorite dish on the tasting menu is a caviar and quail egg in a crispy taro shell, one of their signature dishes. I also had a fantastic dessert of sesame ball with melted chocolate, but don't know if the dessert portion has changed.