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Fresh Ricotta in New Orleans

Does anyone know where I can get good ricotta? Preferably not something in a plastic tub.


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  1. Check Whole Foods and Martin's.

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          St. James definitely carries ricotta salata, but I wonder what the OP means by "fresh" ricotta? Fresh ricotta would have to come in a tub or some kind of container.

        2. St. James or Martin's. You could also make your own. It is quite easy...

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            I disagree to some extent. It's not exactly easy on its own, but if you've got very good fresh milk and are making cheese anyway, you might as well do something with the whey, and that's where the ricotta comes in.

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              I made it for the hell of it last sunday. It was way easy. You can do it! Just find the best milk you can!

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                That's cool! What did you make with the curds?

            2. You could also check out Just Italy Deli in Metairie - Veterans at Aris if memory serves

              If you want to make you own Gourmet or Bon Appetit magazine just ran a spread on a DIY version - could probably find it on their websites.

              1. was just at dorignac's- they had containers marked "dorignac's fresh ricotta"

                both salted and unsalted

                1. Mr. Amato at the Farmer's Markets

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                    Someone please give me a link on how to make fresh mozzarella and ricotta. Thanks.

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                      They have locally made ricotta at Whole Foods sometimes, but I haven't seen it lately.
                      Yesterday there was a post about making ricotta on Mark Bittman's New York Times blog. Its right here: http://bitten.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/... . some

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                        True Ricotta is made with whey, not with drained curds. Ricotta is technically a byproduct of cheesemaking rather than a cheese. Bittman certainly made a cheese of some kind, but it's not really Ricotta.

                        But Ricotta is not hard to make if you're making something with the first curds anyway. Basically, if you set the whey out overnight and then heat it again, a new set of curds will form from the proetin in the whey. That is Ricotta.

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                          Gillsnthrills: Thank you for the link. Next question and i hate to sound stupid. Could I make a semblance of ricotta with skim milk?

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                            You can make low-fat cheese at home if you skim fresh milk yourself. Most milk from the supermarket is not good for cheesemaking because pasteruization affects the coagulation.