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Jan 23, 2009 05:28 PM

How is comb honey eaten/served?

I have never seen comb honey served in any restaurant, so I'm curious how it is supposed to be served and eaten. Is it an appetizer, meant to be eaten with knife and fork? Is a chunk of it supposed to sit in your hot tea? I have no idea or frame of reference, please help.

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  1. We had it at Salt Tasting Room in Vancouver (check their website). You pick meats, cheeses and "condiments" one of which was honeycomb. It was paired with a pretty strong cheese and it was wonderful. We've bought it a couple of times since in specialty markets and served with cheese. It's so incredibly delicious and looks so interesting and is just fun to eat. I'll be interested to see if others eat it in different ways.

    1. Pull it out of the jar from the beekeeper, cut off a chunk, drizzle the honey onto toast or into tea and then just pop it in your mouth.

      1. I've had it served on a cheese plate.

        1. When I was growing up, Mom would just cut up pieces for us to eat. Yummy!

          1. Yep, I agree. Just think of it as a chewy candy. Have not had it in years as no supply in my little hick town.