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Jan 23, 2009 05:13 PM

What's the best Chinese-style bakery in the area?

I am really missing the fantastic Chinese bakeries back in LA, especially the Taiwanese ones. What I've tried here just doesn't even compare so far. I thought I'd ask the crowd here and see if any gems turn up that I haven't tried or heard of yet. Thus far, I've had the buns from Maria's in Rockville as well as the bakeries in the two Chinese supermarkets in Rockville - I think that would be Kam San and Maxim's? I've also tried stuff from Shilla bakery in Rockville as well as the bakery in the huge Lotte supermarket up in Germantown - both had buns that looked great but tasted so dry and artificial as to almost be inedible.

Is there anything I'm missing, even in VA? If it's really fantastic, I'd be willing to drive out there.

Thanks in advance for any recs.

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  1. That Maria's bakery in Rockville with the eatery inside is probably the best in this area. I don't know if any mom/pop chinese bakeries except one in Chinatown, and that one is OK.

    I tend to avoid Korean baked goods because they may look appetizing, but they taste like cardboard with sugar^10.

    1. Vina's Bakery on Pickett Street in Fairfax, just about two blocks or so north of Little River Turnpike on the East side of the street in a nondescript little strip mall next to a flooring place. Nice assortment of buns, cakes, etc. There is also a Maria's inside the Kam San building in Annandale.