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Jan 23, 2009 04:41 PM

Little Tokyo's Sakura Shutters

Well, that's "30" for the little snack counter luncheonette Sakura inside Little Tokyo's Mitsuwa Market. They closed up for good this afternoon. Had a chicken katsu bowl and a kitsune udon for old time's sake. Said good-bye to the workers.

J-Town's Mitsuwa Market is set to remain open till Sunday, but what for?
The shelves are 99% bare. I mean there's nothing left. Any salable inventory has been shipped away to other Mitsuwa's around town.

The Japanese market will be gutted and completely renovated.
It will reopen shortly as the Little Tokyo Galleria Market.
The good news is that shops like Utsuwa no Yakata, the very cool Japanese pottery store, Hanaichimonme, the manga-themed ramen shop on the third level and izakaya Honda-Ya will remain open as part of the new Korean-owned shopping center. A small Korean-operated handbag shop is having its grand opening this week on the 2nd level.

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  1. So all the good stuff at Mitsuwa was shipped out before the sale started? We got there in the afternoon of the first day of the clearance, and it looked like the locusts had gotten there before us.

    1. Something must have happened. They told me and reassured me a couple weeks ago they would be closing on the 25th and I was going to go for lunch tomorrow.