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Jan 23, 2009 03:15 PM

Steak and Sushi in Plano/Richardson TX

I love good sushi. My wife loves steak. Anyone have suggestions on a place in the area that does both well ?

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  1. Well thanks for nothing!.

    I found my own little sushi heaven on earth. Stone Horse at Collins and Campbell in Richardson.
    We were greeted and seated right away. The staff was friendly and courteous. Beautiful inside. Japanese decor' with a modern twist yet still warm, inviting.
    My wife is the pickiest of the picky. She had the teriyaki chicken and gave it two thumbs up. Number one son put away the chicken fired rice and gave it a ten. The sushi was excellent. The fish was fresh, the rolls right tasty and well done. We tried an appetizer of fried calamari, ribs and dumplings. All delectable. I have never had calamari that didn't have that rubbery feel. Not here. Fluffy is the word. Ribs were sliced across the bone and oh so tender. Dumplings were fantastic. I can't say enough good things about this place.

    A definite upscale atmosphere, although I walked in in jeans and a T-shirt and didn't get a dirty look, but the prices are reasonable and in line with the area. Less than alot of snooty restaurants and on a par with or better quality than most that I have had the displeasure of visiting. $116 including $20 tip for three of us. That included appetizer, two entrees, five different rolls, three orders of sushi and drinks. Non-alcoholic this time, the kid was with us you know. We brought home enough food for another meal.

    A great time was had by all. Be it lunch, a night out meant to impress a date, special occasion, or just hungry for some good sushi this is the place in Richardson.

    1. If you don't mind going off the 75 corridor in Plano has reasonable Sushi at a very good price. $25 All you can eat at night, $15 Lunch. This include Chicken & Beef Teriyaki,and most of their "special rolls (@ Night)" They fix the Sushi to order so it's not a "quick meal". I would rate it at the average Sushi place like Stone Horse.

      The better sushi places have been discussed here many times,, Masami Beltline west of 75.

      1. I've never been to Stone Horse but seeing as I live off of Campbell, I'm forced to drive by it all the time. Honestly I think the decorations look pretty ridiculous and inappropriate for a Japanese restaurant, so I've always just stayed far away from it.

        That being said, Sushi Sake is right down the street from Stone Horse and provides an excellent authentic experience. The majority of the staff are true Japanese and so are many of the customers/families. The atmosphere is absolutely SUPERB as well - hands down the best environment out of any of the many sushi restaurants that I've eaten at over the years.

        As for the food - fantastic as well. Most of the dishes are authentic and you won't find too much in the way of bizarre 'Americanized' sushi rolls (can't stand when a restaurant does this). The fish is all really, really fresh and is prepared piece-by-piece in front of you if you choose to sit at the sushi bar.

        Anyways, I feel like I'm droning on too much about Sushi Sake. There are a few other good authentic restaurants in the area that I'd recommend (all of them have native Japanese speaking staff and customers):
        - Sushiyama at Forest/75. Very extensive menu, good prices, Tuesday/Saturday Bento specials (great deal!)
        - Robata Sushi at Frankford/Tollway. Only restaurant that my girlfriend and I have found that serves Chūhai (Japanese alcoholic soda-type beverage)
        - Ino Japanese at Coit/Campbell. Just recently discovered this place. Kind of a strange atmosphere for a Japanese restaurant but friendly staff and pretty authentic food.

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          Just like irodguy said, Stone Horse is pretty average along the lines of Miyoshi or Sushi House. I went to Stone Horse back when I still lived near UTD and not once did I have any sushi that was particularly impressive. Masami and Sushi Sake are definitely considered the best in Richardson. Search around and you'll see plenty of positive feedback.

          Seconding Sushi Robata. I'm still working my way through all the grilled robata dishes on their menu. Mori-san did a good job on this new restaurant and the extremely positive guidelive review has recently brought in a wave of new customers. The atmosphere and decor is much more upscale compared to Sushi Place, but it makes sense considering their location. This would typically lead to decreased quality in the food, but that's certainly not the case at Sushi Robata. I also just recently tried chuhai and that's a really good point you make, I haven't seen it anywhere else.

          I personally prefer Sushi of Plano up on Custer and 15th. Quite a drive from where I live now but it's always worth it especially since part of me misses Sushi Place's small, divey feel. The chef, Toshi, is extremely friendly and knowledgable. Service is also top notch since depending on when you walk in, you can have the entire place to yourself.

          Ino is pretty authentic too. I remember kuidaore once suggested having the ramen here and she was dead on, very delicious. Haven't tried the sushi there however.

          1. re: air

            Yep I forgot to mention Toshi & Sushi of Plano. His is very knowledgeable considering he has worked pretty much at every one of the big Sushi places in Dallas of the years. His food is good and he is very friendly. The only downside depending on who is cooking his Teriyaki is pretty good, but not as good as some. My normal sushi rotation is Miyoshi every two or three weeks for a two hour $15 monster lunch. Sushi of Plano every week or two on my way home. Basically I just am not going to eat enough average sushi at Miyoshi to spend $25 for their dinner. I would rather go to Sushi of Plano or Masami at night and spend about the same for better sushi. Lunch is a different thing, if I want a monster can't think about eating anything again ever kind of lunch I go to Miyoshi, if I am going to a happy filling lunch I go to Sushi of Plano and get one of his Bentos.

            1. re: air

              Air, I think it was udon you had at Ino. I've never had udon or ramen there. Their food is authentic, but I don't like their seasoning, which probably appeals to Tokyo/Eastern Japan people. (My favorite noodle places in town are Chef Hsu and King Noodle.)

              I'd better check out Robata.

              BTW, Snow Mtn shut down!!! They had the best Korean seafood pancake in town. If Umeko ever shuts down, I'd be leaving Dallas.