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post-Oscars fine dining ideas?

Going to the Oscars, which of course is a Sunday night. Need to find a restaurant that is open past 10pm to eat afterwards (something that doesn't close until midnight would be great, though maybe 11pm would be doable). Doesn't have to be ultra fancy restaurant, just a spot where a group wouldn't feel weird arriving in tuxes and gowns... Closer to Hollywood & Highland would be nice, but willing to drive a bit. Really need help! Thanks.

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  1. Yes, you need a place open late, but maybe not that late. Remember, the Oscars are broadcast live starting at an ungodly early hour on the west coast -- 5. Even if they run late, and they always run late, they will be over by 9 local time. Some places will be hosting parties -- I wouldn't try to get into Spago -- but others will be open for business. Craft, Jar, all of the BH and WeHo steakhouses...

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      Yeah with last year's show by the time you work your way out of the theater and get your car, it's more like 9:45pm. I really need a restaurant that stays open late.
      Unfortunately Craft closes at 9pm on Sunday. 9:30 for Jar....
      I've been searching for hours. Help!!

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        It's almost impossible to drive through parts of West Hollywood and Beverly Hills at certain hours on Oscar night
        If I were you I'd stay around Highland...Musso and Frank is good for a group on that night or Hungry Cat.

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          Musso & Frank is not open on Sundays, so that won't work.

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            The long line in the drive-thru at In and Out?

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              I will be there too but in the parking lot behind the El Capitan. The In N Out on Orange and Sunset is often my dinner there.

              1. re: chuck

                Well you've got good company, chuck.
                Post award shows and the drive-thru at MD's on and In and Out on Sunset is usually packed with black SUV's.

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          actually, I went to Spago last year (it was the same day as my birthday.) the party was not hosted at Spago...I think they catered somewhere else. it was actually pretty quiet around BH.

          But they are not open after 10, anyway.

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            I just called Spago and they said their last seating is at 9:15pm.

        3. Pretty sure Craft is doing a post Oscar party. You might want to check. And nosh is right--it won't be that late. Most place will still be open.

          1. Hungry Cat, Kress, Katsuya, Musso & Frank, Lotteria!

            No one will care if you're dressed up, but all the above will be open late.

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              Kress not open on Sundays, but like the idea tho!

            2. There's a Grill on the Alley in the same complex.

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                the Grill on the Alley i close, i believe, at 10 on sunday nights.

                1. re: westsidegal

                  Not exactly a normal Sunday night. The may be making an exception. Why not check with them?

                  1. re: Akitist

                    Last year all restaurants at H&H were closed on that day... the only food option at H&H is Twist at the Renaissance and not interested in that.

                    1. re: Ricepudding

                      For security reasons, there is no access to the restaurants at H&H on Oscar night.

              2. A quick search on OpenTable suggests: Cafe Des Artistes, Citizen Smith, Katsuya (hollywood), Loteria Grill and Vermont are all open at that hour. Katsuya would be closest.

                1. Thanks to everyone for providing suggestions. I'm now expanding my search to something along the lines of The Kress or One Sunset... but neither place is open on Sunday evenings.

                  Last year's show was 3hrs 52 mins long, so assuming it will run as long this year and it starts at 5:30pm, it's likely the show won't end until 9:30pm. Which means I won't actually be able to get on the road until 10pm. So please keep those ideas coming! Thanks!

                  1. I'm not that big a fan myself, but Pacific Dining Car, either downtown or Santa Monica should fit the bill.

                    1. Depending on where you'll be going for Post-Award parties:

                      Hollywood: Katsuya (until 11pm, but maybe later because many people are asking for it this particular night), down the street on Sunset there's The Bowery (until 2am), and next door there's Magnolia (until 2am). And if you want more Brooklyn trattoria, then Jones (until 2am) on Santa Monica Blvd and Formosa just might be the perfect fit.

                      West Hollywood: There's always Wokano (open until 12:30am) on 3rd St, which is right next to Berry's (which has an okay selection of okay food - but open until 3am!). Katana's kitchen is open until 11:15pm. There's also The Standard Coffee Shop (24hrs!). And lest ye forget, Dan Tana's (until 1:30am). But that's more for the booze and Sinatra old-school atmosphere (I get the chicken parm because it tastes just like the one at my favorite restaurant as a kid - and it's a celeb hangout post-Oscars).

                      Hope that helped a bit. Gives you a little more flex time depending on what you're in the mood for and as time allows.

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                        Yup, did Wokano post show last year. It was nice winding down there afterwards. I definitely recommend it.

                      2. A place called Mediterranean Fresh opened last month next to Musso & Frank. I don't know much about it, but you might want to read this review and decide whether to check it out:


                        Reportedly it's open until 4am daily. Yelp reviews (yes, usual disclaimers) seem pretty positive. It looks like it might be a bit too "cafeteria" for the OP's needs but I thought I'd throw it out there anyway.

                        BTW, am I the only one who thinks "Mediterranean Fresh" is an unfortunate choice of names?

                        1. A BIG THANKS for all your ideas... haven't been invited to any post-show parties, that's why the big search for a nice restaurant afterwards since we're all dressed up! Now I have Comme Ca, STK (tho they said there's a possiblity the restaurant may be bought out that night), and The Bazaar on my radar. Would love to hear more suggestions.

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                            We have the same delightful dilemma, though it's hard to understand why we have no Vanity Fair invite or free tix to the Governors Ball... :) Ricepudding, if you want another tux and dress joining you, get my email etc from this site: elenaweb (dotcom)

                            There are some places available if you venture into the Valley. We are thinking about Spazio in Sherman Oaks.

                            1. re: Ricepudding

                              how important is food quality to you?

                              if a restaurant was 'in' and had a beautiful look and good service, and most of the other customers were in your exact situation and were dressed up, how much would it bother you if the food was terrible?

                              1. re: westsidegal

                                I'm open to ANY suggestions at this point... by "terrible" do you mean "inedible"? That probably won't go over well...

                                1. re: Ricepudding

                                  I mentioned this before but I'll mention it again in case you missed it. OpenTable still shows some availability in the Hollywood Area as late as 10:30 or even 11, and there were more choices available a couple of weeks ago. Are none of those places (e.g., Cafe Des Artistes, Citizen Smith, Katsuya Hollywood) acceptable?

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                                    Very kind of you to follow up. Various members of the group have voted down Katsuya and Cafe Des Artists. I'll look into Citzen Smith. Thanks.

                              2. One of the nicer hotels...Polo lounge, Tbe Peninsula, The Bel Air Hotel

                                  1. re: outshined

                                    We ended up at STK. Restaurant was accomodating, friendly, and with pleasant atmosphere.