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Jan 23, 2009 02:39 PM

Favorite type of raw oyster? (Seattle)

I'm going to be in Seattle for a few days next week and am planning a stop at Elliott's Oyster House. Any opinions on what I should definitely try?

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  1. If they have Olympia’s get some they are tiny, super delicious and the only native oyster left in Washington State.

    1. Kumamotos. Sweet little things. You'll love them.

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        I'll second the Kumamotos! Elliott's Oyster House is good, but the bar at The Brooklyn for these tasty little morsels is better!

        1. re: firecracker

          where is the brooklyn. does brooklyn have an oyster happy hour like elliots?

          1. re: cogitotic

            The Brooklyn is at 2nd and University. I know they have a decent happy hour but I don't know what they serve.

            1. re: Lauren

              Thanks Lauren. I was asking about an oyster happy hour like they have/had at Elliots. At Elliots during the weekdays, anywhere with in the tiled floor areas, you could partake of the oyster happy hour starting at 3: p.m. The oysters were house choice, but started at 50 cents an oyster and then moved up in price every 20 minutes. I would order and eat 3 dozen oysters. Does the Brooklyn or any other place have that kind of oyster happy hour? thanks, cog.

      2. Virginicas are at the tail end of their season, but IMHO they rule the oyster world. As a matter of fact, this European-flat oyster (think Belon) has been raised in the Puget Sound for the past 15 years and it recently won top accolades from judges from (ready for this) The East Coast Shellfish Growers Association!
        The Totten Inlet variety is my favorite. It is smooth and well balanced between it's salinity and sweetness. I almost never put any condiments on my Virginicas. Pure naked bliss!

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          The best I've ever had were the couple dozen Shigoku I bought last May from Taylor Shellfish's farm at Samish Bay in Bow, WA. They were like Kumamotos but somewhat larger and more briny. Amazing. Taylor told me then that they had just began cultivating this kind and they were only available from the farm, so Elliot's might not have them yet.

          But Totten Virginicas, Kushis and Kumamotos are fantastic too

        2. Kumamotos for me as well. Small but the sweetness is fabulous. Next on the list would be the Totton Virginicas (sp.)

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          1. re: ladeeluk

            T. Virginicas from Taylor won a notional award for the best oyster last year. Nuff said.