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Jan 23, 2009 02:35 PM

El Vergel, Borough, London

A solid chacarero - a Chilean sandwich, anchored by the soft moon of a very slightly crumbly bread (pan amasado, baked next door) . Tender slices of beef (rump according to their menu), mashed avocado and tomato, with a satisfying kick from a smoky earthy hot sauce that integrates itself well into the sandwich. No green beans though.

A very light, soft and creamy cheesecake topped with cherry compote, a perfect dry base of crumbs.

A Chilean pal mentioned that they have pastel de choclo (pies with corn and meat) on fridays. Anyone tried?

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  1. Sounds good, so is this an excluive Chilean eaterie or do they do other Latin American dishes?

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      They make a number of other dishes that might be from other parts of Latin America (at least according to the take-out menu). And also other more common combinations of items in sandwiches or salads that could be from anywhere. BTW, I think it's only open for lunch.

    2. Forgot to mention that the sandwich I got is called the churrasco palta (palta = the mashed avocado).

      1. Late breakfast here is win, quiet and happy and friendly. Lunch happy and friendly but SLAMMED.

        1. Thanks for the recommendation - I usually struggle to find eating options around London Bridge (other than Borough Market)

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            Some other places worth trying: the merguez sandwiches at Tassili are pretty good, and the roast meats at Fuzzy Grub can be satisfying. I also like the pork katsu curry at Tsuru, the cured meats at Viva Verdi, both just south of the Tate Modern. Table is a very good option too.

            BTW, credit goes to:

            Also, haven't had the sandwiches there yet, but check out Cafe Inca on Long Lane: