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Clotted Cream on ??????

I bought a little jar of clotted cream to have with scones for tea this week. Amazingly, we didn't finish the clotted cream, and we have about half a jar left. Any ideas on what it would be particularly special? We have no more scones, alas.

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  1. Fruit tarts, especially berry or lemon tarts, might work -- sweetness and acidity to complement the richness of the cream.

    1. (The British tart, not the American kind.)
      I like clotted cream on waffles w/ fruit or preserves.

      1. Pour some in a nice strong "cuppa" English Tea and voila; "cream tea" as the Brits call it. Tasty on a rainy or cold day in front of a fire (or a DVD of a fireplace on your HDTV...)

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          A cream tea does not mean clotted cream in the tea. It is a reference to the food served with the tea. mainly tea served up with scones, clotted cream and jam. The scones, clotted cream and jam do not go into the tea.

        2. If you like it on scones, you could always bake some more....

          1. in addition to the other fine suggestions already on the table, clotted cream is wonderful with bread pudding. you can do a lot of great variations with ginger or chocolate or various fruit -- or all of the above. for something less desserty, but equally fabulous, i find it lovely just on fresh bread or fresh baked muffins. the key to all of these is to serve fresh out of the oven, and immediately slather on an immoderate amount of clotted cream. excellent defense against cold weather.

            1. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions (in some cases, diabolical, like Caroline's).
              I can tell you that: sitting by the fire, ten degrees outside, hot tea and hot buttered toast with lemon curd, slathered with clotted cream, is not too shabby!

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                LOL! Lemon curd? Be still my heart! I want your toast!!! '-)

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                  Wish I could pass it along to you! The lemon curd, that is, not the toast, that's history. Then the jar wouldn't clutter up my fridge, which it is destined to do (see other current thread re THIS can of worms):
                  One problem solved, creates another one, LOL.

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                    A similar discussion came up a month or three ago and I wrote about wanting a condiment refrigerator with those vertical slide out shelf racks like a kitchen cabinet "pantry," but that kept everything refrigerated. I said the idea was free to any appliance manufacturer if they send me one free. Glad I didn't hold my breath!