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Jan 23, 2009 02:19 PM

Dry roast pork - what to do with it?

I've about given up on commercial pork loin - it always turns out dry and flavorless. Yes, I know about brining, but to me a brined pork loin tastes like salt water - not an improvement, although it usually is juicy. But that's another issue.

I roasted one last night (actually two tied together to make one large roast), and did everything I could to preserve moisture and flavor - took it out at 139 and let it rest, covered, the whole deal. It still tastes like sheetrock (I exaggerate - it's not really that bad, but it's pretty dry and tough).

The problem is, I've still got a lot of meat left over, that I'm not crazy about the idea of eating. But I don't want to throw it away, either. Any ideas on how to revive it into something delicious? Maybe a nice spicy stew or etouffee-type dish? Please help!

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  1. While I realize that pork loin is not the best choice for chili verde, in order to utilize what you have on hand, maybe you could cut it into chunks and fry it and then simmer it in a chili verde sauce. Adding the extra fat might redeem it's dry condition somewhat, and a rich and spicy sauce would add more interesting flavors.

    1. You can help "bring it back a little by slicing it in 1/2 inches slices and then warming the slices in a mix of marsala, chicken broth or vegetable broth to which some garlic has been added. You'll need enough liquid to cover a little over 1/ about 3/8 of an inch in skillet. Heat the liquid first to just below boiling. Add the loin slices and cover the pan..heat 3-4 minutes, flip them and heat another 2 or so. If you want, saute some onion in the skillet before adding the liquids. Serve with a little "pan juice" drizzled over them.

      Another alternative is to rough chop the remainder and make Cornish pasties......or add some BBQ and vinegar and make fake pulled pork sandwiches

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        That sounds great--

        My suggestion, which we did with left over veal shoulder the other night, would be to throw it in a dutch oven with some wine, cream, apples and a shot of calvados, and reheat at a low temp--250-300 for about an hour.

      2. How about topping it with lots and lots of gravy?

        Or maybe dice or cube the pork loin and mix into a salad, omelete, frittata, or fried rice.

        1. What about a crock pot and your favorite style bbq sauce..........maybe thin it with some chix/beef stock and cook it low/slow until able to shred for bbq sandwich's.

          1. Some things I do with dry, leftover meat:

            -Cut in to small pieces, stir fry with garlic, oil and soy sauce then use for fried rice.
            -Slice thinly and add to noodle soup.
            -Slather with bbq sauce and put on a nice kaiser roll

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              i'm liking the soup idea, too. like a chinese hot and sour soup, or like a pho. i'd slice it in thin strips for these purposes, for tenderness (what you can get) and ease of eating.