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Las Vegas Breakfast

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What is your favorite breakfast - Restaurant or Buffet?

We are going in april and love breakfast and would like to stay on the strip, unless convinced otherwise.

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  1. Definitely restaurant. Breakfast foods in general just can't sit on a steam table for any length of time and still be good. Egg dishes end up rubbery, pancakes and waffles end up mushy.
    I would recommend the Peppermill for one of those platter full diner breakfasts - 10 egg omelettes and all that jazz. We've had a great breakfast at Wynn's Tableau that was absolutely lovely with impeccable service - a great start to our day.

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      MsC, what are the price ranges of the places you mention?

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        The Maple Tree on Spring Mountain Road for stuffed french toast, corned beef hash or the New England Benny.

    2. Bouchon is our fav breakfast place on the strip.

      1. Either Bouchon (Venetian) or Verandah (Four Seasons, within Mandalay). For buffet, Wynn or Bellagio, or Sunday only, Sterling brunch at Bally.

        1. I suppose this doesn't make sense, but I'd recommend both. I had a great experience eating at Bouchon solo while waiting for my mom. The meal was incredible, as was the coffee if I recall, and the service was impeccable. At the end of my trip I ate at Ceasar's buffet before my flight (ate around 1000 and the flight was in the late afternoon). In this case the buffet was perfect because right between plates one and two, they switched from breakfast selections to lunch. Seeing as how I had unlimited champagne refills and a late plane to catch (and probably no other food opportunities that day), I definitely got my money's worth with several trips.

          1. We usually always stay at the Wynn but we go downtown to Binion's for the best Ham and Eggs breakfast for under $5..the ham steak is about the size of the plate and with eggs, hash browns and toast...they cook everything to perfection.
            Enjoy Bouchon on the strip and the Wynn for the buffet.

            1. Every time I am in Las Vegas I go to Tintoretto's at the Venetian. Great pastries and coffee as well as regular breakfast foods. I know my companions also enjoyed their egg dishes (about $8 per entree). Usually I get a custard krafen (donut), bacon, fresh fruit and coffee (about $18 a la carte but enough to feed an adult and child at least).

              I don't understand the hype about the Peppermill. I've been there several times for breakfast and late night. The food reminds me of Denny's on a good day. Maybe I just have bad luck. My cantaloupe in my fruit salad was green and they hid it under some other fruit.

              I had breakfast buffet at the Bellagio. It was very good, but not worth the price. Though to be fair, I prefer restaurant service and was sick so I couldn't taste everything perfectly. We were there for changeover to lunch so I got to try wild boar ribs (okay).

              My next trip I plan to try Canyon Ranch Cafe at the Venetian. They even offer take out. (Thai Style French Toast with tangerine ginger syrup sounds interesting.)