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Sushi in CT--let's talk about our favorite places

The last thread I read on this topic dated back to '05. I'd like to start a new one to see where everyone's chopsticks are in '09. ;)

Is everyone still hot on Wasabi in Orange? I love Wild Ginger in Orange and don't mind taking a ride for a good meal. Their salad madness is oh so tasty. The name doesn't do it justice--it's spicy tuna and avocado with mango sauce drizzled over it (photo here):

As a Middletown resident, I also love Mikado. Their sushi is fresh and they have some very creative rolls--I like Shogun a lot (king crab roll), Red Sox Roll (spicy scallops inside, spicy tuna outside) among many others. I am also a fan of their tuna tartare (two different kinds) and tuna carpaccio when they've featured it as a special. They recently remodeled and look great--very Manhattanesque. My only complaint is that my coat/clothes smell musty after a visit there (kinda like a basement)...so sometimes I prefer Oyama in Cromwell (almost as good as Mikado, not much in the way of ambience, but at least I won't smell like the restaurant after a meal). I do NOT like Osaka in downtown Middletown as much--I find their sushi to be kinda fishy so I end up ordering chicken tempura rolls or spicy kani if I go there...or lately I've just been avoiding it altogether.

When I worked in downtown Hartford, I preferred Feng over Koji. It's been a year or more, so I can't provide a recent update, but I used to enjoy both places for lunch.

How about you? Where are you going for sushi and what are your favorite things there? Domo arigato.

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  1. While I was living/working in Middletown, Oyama was my favorite. Their "mini godzilla" was amazing - I don't know if it's around anymore. (was never on the menu, and the godzilla-something that is on the menu is different)

    I only went to Mikado once, long ago. I think my issue was that they were playing country music, which just somehow made everything... less than it should have been. So I honestly can't recall the sushi.

    Higashi in South Windsor has yet to disappoint me, and is my regular choice nowadays. It consistently has the melt-in-your mouth appeal, and the salad dressing (one of my criteria) is excellent.

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      I haven't tried Oyama in Cromwell, but they have a place in Enfield as well. I have eaten there several times but the last two times were awful! The last time I ate there, I seriously thought I could end up ill. Too bad because it's very close to us and we liked it for a while.

    2. My favorite in the New Haven area has long been East in Orange (never been to Wild Ginger -- if I was going to Orange, no need :-). But I read on another board that East has recently (and quietly) changed ownership, with bad consequences for the food. Any confirmation? Maybe next time I'm in the area I WILL need to go to Wild Ginger.

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        I didn't get any more news about East, so I went there on Friday to check. Yes, it has apparently changed hands: the guys behind the sushi counter are new (and look like they're still in high school, but they seemed to know how to cut fish), and most of the familiar faces were gone -- except one, puzzlingly, but then maybe he's the new owner. I didn't ask.

        Anyway, I'm afraid East is no longer as great as it was. Most things look the same: newly printed menu, but since I don't order off the menu, I didn't check the details. Everything I had was perfectly OK, but not wonderful. Jalapeno kanpachi nicely presented, acceptable, but not spectacular fish. The uni, usually a good gauge of sushi/sashimi, was fresh and firm but without much of the special iodine taste you hope for. Other fish was all above average -- but not as far above average as East used to be. Even the green tea seemed to have changed, and not for the better (East's green tea was so good my wife got them to sell her a 1 Kilo bag of it).

        I guess overall that it's time for me to check out Wild Ginger....

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          Have you been to Wasabi in Orange? The old thread had lots of positive feedback about it. I've never been and would like to check it out next time I'm in the neighborhood. I do like Wild Ginger, but was curious about Wasabi since I had read quite a bit of buzz about it.

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            Wasabi is nothing if not consistently fresh & good. Since you've probably last been there, they've added fresh wasabi as an option for $1. Be sure to try it if you've never had it before. Absolutely nothing like the usual green paste you've become accustomed to. It has, yes, a delicate nuance that's completely lacking from the horseradish powder you usually get. You can also get any dish or roll with brown rice instead of the usual sushi rice, and I haven't tried this yet (I can't imagine how brown rice can work in a maki roll, but I'm confident in Tom's abilities). The sushi specials menu is always changing, always creative and always worth a try.

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              Thank you so much for the update--it is on my list to get to Wasabi in Orange and I'll definitely try the fresh wasabi. Your last sentence makes me want to get there that much sooner! :) That and the snippet from the restaurant review on their site that says they like to call it "the poor man's Nobu."

              350 Boston Post Rd, Orange, CT 06477

          2. re: linguist

            Over the past few weeks, I've had the opportunity to visit both Wasabi and Wild Ginger as alternatives to East, and while both were quite good, I have to give the nod to Wild Ginger.
            I do like real wasabi (and have ordered the genuine article -- whole roots to grate yourself) from some places on the west coast occasionally. What I had at Wasabi didn't make me homesick for Tokyo (where the fresh roots are a supermarket staple), but it was ok. And Wasabi clearly has the advantage in terms of complex constructed rolls, a category that's pretty weak at Wild Ginger. But the fish at Wild Ginger was all fantastic, while the fish itself (I mostly order sashimi, not sushi, except for unagi and the occasional roll) was ... OK. And that is the point, after all.
            I would add that neither place has much of a sake list, though the junmai ginjo at Wild Ginger was considerably better than the corresponding sake at Wasabi.
            I still regret the old, celestial East. But I won't be sorry to go back to Wild Ginger.

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              I'm so glad you posted. Wild Ginger is truly one of my favorites and it's odd to consider it used to be some sort of fast food joint (Burger King, maybe?). Agree that the fish itself has to be the focus. I've been wanting to try Wasabi for quite some time, but it's a ride for me...and sounds like I made the right choice in that neighborhood after all. One of my Wild Ginger top picks is salad madness (silly name, great dish!). Look for it next time you go--spicy tuna tartare with layers of avocado, cucumber, tempura crunch served with a mango sauce and, as my dining companion calls it, a little crispy noodle "fence" on top.

              1. re: kattyeyes

                Wild Ginger used to be the late and sometimes lamented Kenny Rogers Roasters. I remember it vividly even today because of the strange aftereffects of dining there: It was as though the chicken was marinated in coffee grounds instead of being hickory smoked. Hours later it felt as if I had consumed 4 cups of coffee and couldn't sleep to save my life. I did enjoy the meals there, and I was quite surprised that the chain is still going strong and is very popular in the Philippines.

                1. re: rbailin

                  Thanks for clarifying. I've always wondered what Wild Ginger used to be before its "transformation" into the sushi spot I love today. :) Your description of the strange aftereffects from back when reminds me of the Seinfeld episode when Jerry couldn't sleep because of the light from Kenny Rogers Roasters!

        2. Toshi in Simsbury/Avon without a doubt. I live in MA now but still crave that place.

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            I was not overly impressed with Wild Ginger, but having heard good things will give it another try. My favorite is Daiko (jery sans) on Derby Ave in West Haven

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              Tera22, if you are ever in the Sudbury area, try Fugakyu on Rt. 20. Bright, clean, consistently delicious and great service. I live in CT now and have not yet found anything even close. But I'm encouraged by some of the suggestions here!

              1. re: katcraig

                Is the Sudury Fugakyu connected to the Brookline Fugakyu?

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                    I ate at the Brookline Fugakyu a lot in college (though it was still called Kaya for most of my college days). Even though Boston of course had many options for higher quality sushi, I always felt Fugakyu presented the better meal, as a whole.
                    While it is not quite as good, Sushi on Chapel is a similar sort of place. The major difference, for me, comes down to two things. Sushi on Chapel is fairly new, and did not come in to the business at a great time, so they still have kinks to work out. Also, the miso soup is good, but not as good as Fugakyu's. Everything else is, I would say, on par.

            2. I've only been to a couple places in CT, but Mahzu in Norwich is my favorite. They're clean, consistent, and the food and service are both excellent. I go on Sundays for their all-you-can-eat special for $17.99. There are a couple exclusions (red snapper and couple of their special rolls), but it's a phenomenal deal. The only drawback is the location...it's kind of stuck in the side of a grocery store. When I give people directions there, they look at me like I'm nuts, but if you can get past that, it's absolutely worth it.

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                Which grocery store? I'd love to find another place closer to home. We live in the area, and for sushi our go-to place is Peking Tokyo in Mystic. A new find is Thai Basil in Danielson - we've only been there once, but the place was packed. Sushi was good, as were the tropical cocktails (try the sake margarita, it's surprisingly good!). We had a few other nibbles but didn't delve completely into the thai food.

                1. re: bakinggirl

                  Have you ever tried Bangkok City on Captain's Walk in New London, down the street from Garde Arts? For the past several years, they're two restaurants under one roof--Little Tokyo and Bangkok City. I love their Thai food (it's among my favorites in CT and has been since the early 90s), but it's a nice bonus to be able to order from both menus, so you can have a little sushi plus all your Thai favorites...especially their tom ka and the chicken with hot chili peppers (is that pad prig sod?). Fabulous!

                  1. re: kattyeyes

                    I haven't been there in ages - for some reason, every time we're in NL around dinnertime my husband has an Irish pub attack...or we head over the bridge to Ortega's for down-home Mexican.

                  2. re: bakinggirl

                    It's on the side of Shop Rite, right on the main drag in Norwich.

                  3. re: theferlyone

                    I'm so happy to have this recommendation! Had no idea there was decent sushi close to the Quiet Corner.

                  4. Three favorite places:

                    Ginza - Bloomfield
                    Maeda - Simsbury
                    Min Ghung - Glastonbury

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                      Agreed with Ginza..it's my favorite too.

                    2. Oh, I forgot another great one down Fairfield county way...Bond Grill Asian Bistro in Norwalk. Innovative sushi and rolls, clean/contemporary atmosphere and a very interesting coconut soup to boot! Attention Penzey's shoppers: right down the street! :)

                      1. I miss Mikado! I was a regular takeout customer when I lived down that way. Beyond their rolls, their nigiri was formed perfectly -- not too much rice, not too big. The rice was well-seasoned, the fish very fresh. Very nicely done.

                        1. Miso in New Haven for traditional sushi in a hip atmosphere
                          Miya's creations are so crazy that they are often sushi in name only, always a fun time

                          and then there is my top secret sushi spot which I refuse to talk about because it is already super crowded every night of the week.

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                            Aww, c'mon, you had to put it out there and now I'm compelled to bug you. Spill. Please?

                              1. re: EastRocker

                                You're not talking about Sushi Palace in Hamden, are you? All you can eat sushi? It's pretty tasty but crowded and I worry a bit about the sourcing.

                                  1. re: newhavener07

                                    I eat at Sushi Palace around once a month. It's good for the price, but it's still "utility sushi" at its heart.

                              2. re: EastRocker

                                I'll second Miso, but I could never get into Miya's. I'll admit that this is because I'm more of a plain old sashimi kind of guy, but there's so much going on in their rolls that the fish is almost unnecessary. They could almost use cheap fried pollock or crab stick without the flavor being much different (though obviously the texture would be quite different).
                                I'll also add Sushi on Chapel, not because they have the best sushi in the world, but because they are the only place I've found in the area that understand the idea of the bento box.

                                1. re: danieljdwyer

                                  I wouldn't travel to get to Sushi on Chapel, but for a weekday lunch I will agree that their bento box is a great deal.

                                  1. re: danieljdwyer

                                    The maki sushi I've had at Sushi on Chapel was very second rate--seemed the like whoever was making it had minimal training.

                                2. Kyoto in Newington (Berlin Turnpike) used to be my favorite for Sashimi until it recently suffered a fire and closed. Their sushi was always very fresh and well presented, and a great deal at 50% off on Sundays.

                                  I'm in the midst of finding a new favorite in the Hartford area... I never cared much for Feng for the sushi... the atmosphere was nice though

                                  1. SAKIMURA in Simsbury is consistently good with very fresh fish and tasty creations.

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                                      Sakimura in Simsbury is excellent, I will be there Saturday night.

                                      We did not care for Toshi at all.
                                      I grew up in the Farmington Valley and even I thought it dripped with pretentiousness.

                                    2. Toro in Newtown is the best around here!

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                                        Toro was alright. I was not as impressed as I thought I would be. We ordered calamari as an appetizer an it was extremely over salted. My sashimi was delish, however, I felt like the waitstaff was a little overbearing. The moment I finished my food, the waiter came over and took out the light up ice cube that was buried in ice on my plate.

                                      2. we have been going to Sakura Garden in Glastonbury and their sushi has been excellent. Looks like they also have places in S Windsor and Hamden but have not been to those sites.

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                                          We went to Sakura Garden in Glastonbury for the first time tonight--great recommendation, thank you, geminigirl. Sushi is excellent just as you stated--also very creative and beautifully presented. It's a stylish place, the music was a perfect match for the decor and here's the big bonus--by the time we had finished our meal, EVERY table around us was full (maybe a dozen or so) and we could still converse without "What? Huh?" I had a pear sake-tini with my dinner and enjoyed it immensely. This place is going into our local rotation for sure.

                                          We had:
                                          tofu tartare sampler
                                          Autumn of Alaska roll (I think this may have been my favorite--the honey sauce that accompanied it was so different and delicious)
                                          Sex on the beach roll
                                          and another sushi appetizer from the monthly specials menu


                                          Anyone been to the Evergreen Walk (S. Windsor) or Hamden locations?

                                          Sakura Garden
                                          120 Hebron Ave, Glastonbury, CT 06033

                                          1. re: kattyeyes

                                            Hamden location? This is in the area of the other places that are good/new around Dixwell and 15 (Wilbur Cross Highway). http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/6298...
                                            Have not been there. Willing.

                                            1. re: kattyeyes

                                              We went again for lunch today. This is easily a new favorite for us--and fairly close to home. Am thinking of kicking off a separate thread so I can post pics and people can chime in about the other CT locations. Thanks again, geminigirl. We love Sakura Gardens now!

                                              1. re: kattyeyes

                                                wow, sorry, just seeing this, but glad to hear you enjoy it as much as we do!

                                          2. Toshi (owned by the same people that own Koji, although the places are nothing alike) has blown everything else I've tried in CT away quality wise. If you're looking primarily for rolls they aren't doing anything terribly innovative, but they always offer daily specials in addition to their regular menu, and the freshness of the fish has always been dynamite.

                                            1. Ginza in Bloomfield is consistently good. Feng started out promising but took a bit of a nosedive - would not return.

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                                              1. re: kofka

                                                really about Feng, I keep hearing such raves....that's too bad...

                                                1. re: geminigirl

                                                  I haven't been to Feng in about a year and a half now, but it's odd to hear Ginza is consistently good yet Feng has nosedived. Not that I don't believe it, but they are part of the same restaurant group. I used to like Feng a lot when I worked in CityPlace.

                                              2. My favorite is Daiko, in West Haven. I also like Friend House in Orange, but I'd be surprised if they're still open. They do *nothing* in the way of marketing. Their Fuji Maki is fabulous- they break out the torch for it!

                                                1. I like Sakimura in Simsbury, Feng's in Hartford (I don't think it's "nosedived" at all), Trumbull Kitchen in Hartford and Singapore Grill and Sushi Bar in New London.

                                                  1. It occurs to me that no one has mentioned Yooki Yama in Branford, on the green. Over the years this has been a pretty reliable, if rarely fantastic, place to get good sushi. And since it's a lot closer to where I live in Guilford than the places in Orange, I go there often.

                                                    The fish is consistently of quite high quality (I generally order sashimi rather than sushi). There is a reasonable list of rolls and the standard sorts of sushi. Since the restaurant is owned (and operated) by a Korean family, there is also a variety of Korean food on the menu -- and even a roll involving Korean beef on the sushi list.

                                                    One thing that stands out (apart from the friendliness of Seyko, the owner and principal sushi chef, and his family) is the sake selection. There are at least 15 cold sakes, covering a range of styles, as opposed to the usual three or four at other Connecticut Japanese restaurants.

                                                    Apart from the sake, perhaps, this isn't the sort of place you would make a pilgrimage to from far away, but if you're on the shoreline east of New Haven, this is the best place I know of in the area.

                                                    1. Over in the even quieter corner, the Asian Bistro in Mansfield, CT has fantastic sushi. It's the craziest thing 'cause they are in the back of the little East Brook Mall. They have hibachi stations as well, but go for the sushi - it is truly delicious. Lot's of variety. Also, try the Hot & Sour soup - it has nice shrimp in it. Yum

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                                                      1. re: meghananny

                                                        Has anyone tried Tombo that recently opened up in Fairfield?

                                                      2. Definitely still loving Wasabi in Orange. Consistently fabulous, but I cannot afford the daily specials!

                                                        1. For the past few years we've frequented Go Fish in Mystic. If you visit the website, don't let it fool you. They have a full blown sushi bar in the back of the restaurant. The fish is consistently fresh and tasty and the service is outstanding.

                                                          Go Fish
                                                          PO Box 203, Mystic, CT 06355

                                                          1. I am a West Hartford Sushi lover and have been to what seems most of the restaurants in the area. Ginza is my hands down favorite, always fresh and delish it never dissapoints. Sakura in South Windsor is a hit or miss. My SO and I used to go the the Glastonbury one and very much enjoyed it. Then with a few friends we went to the South Windsor one where we ordered Hibachi. The Salmon was obv old and not fit for sushi so they cooked it. My SO was so sick with food poisoning I had to take him to the hospital. We called the restaurant to tell them and they said it was not from them. We ate the same meals that day for breakfast and lunch, and the only thing we ate different was the hibachi. Ming Ghung in Glastonbury is tasty but always creepily empty, makes me wonder about the freshness of the fish....

                                                            Sakura Restaurant
                                                            231 Wickenden St, Providence, RI 02903

                                                            1. I am really questioning the taste of the responders to this thread. I am an Asian-American who has eaten sushi for all of his natural life. The key to good sushi is quality and preparation. I have found that if the restaurant is a fusion restaurant, the preparation of the food is generally poor. Ask where the sushi chef is from and how they trained. You will be very surprised with the responses. I don't like to bash on certain restaurants, so I will just say that my favorite place was Maeda in Simsbury. The sushi chef was an old guy from Japan. The owners closed the place and are opening a new place in Blue Back Square called Umi. It is a conveyor belt sushi place, so the quality might not be great. It will still be better than some of the places mentioned in this thread. Also, sushi was meant to be eaten with your hands and not chopsticks. I learned this while in Japan.

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                                                              1. re: eyetri

                                                                Sushi is about the rice & fish.

                                                                The rice should be barely above room temperature and the fish should be cool and melt in your mouth - even engowa.

                                                                Anything else is just not sushi IMHO.

                                                                Had the experience of OMASA in Hartsdale NY for about 8 years before they closed. Yes, they served rolls - traditional tekka & kappa, but rolls with roman candles shooting out were verboten! The owner was from Okinawa and a traditionalist.

                                                                The food he served - it was before omikase became the rage - all he said was "try this".

                                                                I still want to know where to get deep fried fish bones to go with sake!

                                                                Most places in CT will satisfy the urge, but not the soul.

                                                                East in Milford was the last place I had a good chef take care of me - a hard-drinking man from the Old Sod [or is it paddy]. Once he left - about 8 years ago, the other chefs were good, but not in the same class.

                                                                Fin in Fairfield has the fish, but they are more into the rolls which makes sense, since the Japanese population in Fairfield County except for Greenwich is not going to have a "local" joint because there aren't too many of them.....

                                                                So welcome to the [almost] wasteland of sushi.

                                                                Peace, Love and Jerry Garcia [both varieties]

                                                              2. I like a hole-in-the-wall place on Broad Street in Manchester named Hana Sushi. It enjoyed it much better for sushi than Sakura, for instance. Try the Volcano Roll.

                                                                Hana Sushi
                                                                248 Broad St, Manchester, CT 06040

                                                                1. I'll throw one out there: Formosa in North Haven. I was very pleasantly surprised at how good and fresh it was when I was there. They also have, albeit limited selection, an all-you-can-eat sushi (and hot selections) special akin to Sushi Palace. However, the best sushi is off the regular menu (natch).

                                                                  Otherwise, I second the thoughts about Miso (hip atmosphere, dependably good sushi, esp love the tuna carpaccio) and Miya (can be very strange at times, but almost always good to great)...

                                                                  Sushi Palace
                                                                  1473 Dixwell Ave, Hamden, CT 06514

                                                                  1. Perhaps it's time to revive this discussion. Two places in Orange that I liked a lot in the past -– East, and Wild Ginger – have either died or become much less serious. But Wasabi in Orange (NOT the place in N Branford with the same name) is excellent. And in Branford, Yooki Yama is also very good, and they have the best sake list in Connecticut, I think. Although East and Wild Ginger are no longer on the list, Wasabi is still quite good (be sure to ask for the fresh -- real -- wasabi with your order), as is Yooki Yama. Not celestial, not going to make you forget the top of the line places in NYC, but well worth going to if this is where you are and you want sushi/sashimi. Perhaps some others have appeared in the general shoreline area recently?

                                                                    1. Norimaki in Washington Depot is tiny and expensive but really fresh and good. Go with what the waitress recommends

                                                                      1. Ordered a big sushi for pickup in honor of my mother's 2nd visit to our home in 10 years. As she is Japanese and owned her own restaurant, I didn't know what to expect but was not optimistic since we have not enjoyed good sushi in this area since moving here. First, the restaurant staff were fantastic. They confirmed the order the day before, and were still preparing it the morning of mom's visit when my husband arrived, just as they were opening. My mother was very impressed with freshness and flavor. I ordered some run of the mill maki rolls, but also some special items that she is fond of. I also ordered a good amount of sashimi. My little 100 pound okaa-san did some real damage that day. And she loved it.
                                                                        Whenever mom is happy, I'm happy. By the way - I ordered from the lunch menu, and prices were very reasonable.

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                                                                        1. re: nisseifoodie

                                                                          Sounds great--but where did you go? ;P

                                                                          1. re: kattyeyes

                                                                            Oh, it was Kira Sushi in Greenwich - sorry, I attached the review to the rating, and thought it would appear together!

                                                                            1. re: nisseifoodie

                                                                              Glad you responded--sounded too good to remain a mystery! :)

                                                                        2. Can't beat the deal at Sushi Palace - all you can eat, $20, and it's GOOD! I suggest you read the reviews at Yelp for helpful tips on getting the best dining experience as possible at Sushi palace.

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                                                                          1. re: Bette

                                                                            sounds good but where is it located?

                                                                            1. re: nisseifoodie

                                                                              Right near the Mystic Aquarium. Across the way there is a Bass outlet and a Starbuck's, it is in that plaza. They have a website so you can see the menu. It was best one we have been to in a long time. I loved how they do not use alot of rice in the rolls.

                                                                          2. I have not been to many sushi places in CT but recently went to Peking Tokyo in Mystic and I really enjoyed it.

                                                                            1. I haven't been in a while, but Mako, on Black Rock Turnpike in Bridgeport, while a hole in the wall, was good; the focus was on freshness and overall quality of the food. Much better than the overrated Sakura in Westport.

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                                                                              1. re: DavidA06488

                                                                                I don't see the appeal in Sakura. It's like the Applebee's of Japanese food.

                                                                                1. re: Stylo

                                                                                  Agreed. Once I got my son eating sushi there, so he would get past the thought of uncooked fish (he was five), I began taking him to real sushi places. We still go when we get together now (he's 40). As to Sakura, I always thought their fish was not the freshest.

                                                                                  1. re: DavidA06488

                                                                                    Yeah it's definitely not very fresh. Tengda in Westport is usually very solid.

                                                                                    1. re: Stylo

                                                                                      Never been there. I'll have to try it when I'm down there.

                                                                              2. For inventive and DIFFERENT sushi, Miya's is fantastic. Some say it's barely sushi, but I beg to differ. It depends on what you order. The nine spice tilapia is pure fish and delicious. Their miso soup is amazing. Although I've had a few rolls that were miss, most are hit. Even the traditional rolls are very fresh. The arctic char in many rolls is melt-in-your-mouth fresh. Their rice is non-traditional but much healthier than what you get at most sushi restaurants.

                                                                                Miso in New Haven is also excellent, but pricey. Of the utmost quality though, and a nice atmosphere for a date. Sushi on Chapel is solid, fresh and without too many frills. The 3 represent some really great sushi in that city.

                                                                                I've always liked both the Westport and Milford locations of Tengda. I find their sushi very fresh and some interesting fusion rolls, albeit pricey like Miso.

                                                                                A bit of a hole in the wall, Little Tokyo in Norwalk has some of the best sushi in an unassuming atmosphere with very reasonable prices. It's no frills, but very good.

                                                                                Sushi Palace is certainly an amazing value. It's not the greatest or freshest sushi, but there's no denying the value if you want to pig out. It's good enough, let's put it that way.

                                                                                I used to think Wasabi Chi in Norwalk had good sushi, but was way overpriced. Maybe due to the crazy rent on Washington Street. They finally closed.

                                                                                Ginza in Bloomfield was like Little Tokyo. Went there several times when I was spending time in that area. No frills, just quality. Not the best I've had in the state, but a very good option in that area.

                                                                                I've had a lot of so-so and, a couple times, bad sushi in the state. There's a lot of mediocrity out there. Matsu in Westport, Jani in Milford, Toro in Newtown, Ichiro in Danbury. They're fine if you need a quick fix but are nothing special. As far as downright BAD, Empire Szechuan and J Fuji in Bethel were both pretty bad, and Bluu in Danbury.

                                                                                Next on my list to try is Wasabi in Orange based on all the reviews here.

                                                                                1. Did you know Ginza has a Wethersfield location now, too? They took over the space that previously housed Sapporo more than a year ago, so I was told.

                                                                                  BOY, OH BOY, OH BOY, I loved Feng when I worked downtown and Ginza is on the same par--quality, unique rolls and great service.They completely renovated as well. I am quite fond of Mikado in Middletown, but must admit Ginza (and Feng) are even a level up...and I will go out of my way to get to Ginza more often now that I know it's there.


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                                                                                  1. re: kattyeyes

                                                                                    Is no one else getting to Ginza in Wethersfield but me? Tonight was my third visit since my above post. I tried the paradise roll (spicy king crab, avocado, shrimp tempura wrapped with soy nori, spicy salmon crunch on top, served with spring mix)...it was immense. I couldn't finish it. ALL their dishes are beautifully plated, fresh, delicious. People without reservations were waiting to be seated, so clearly others know besides me, maybe just not CH posters. ;) I LOVE IN ALL CAPS this restaurant.

                                                                                  2. Hanami in Clinton is a place I discovered only recently, and quickly became my favorite. But now they have opened Hanami II in Branford, out toward Branford hill, and it's really wonderful to have a top place in the area. Pleasant decor, very friendly staff, but most importantly, spectacularly good fish. An incredible range of rolls, and all the usual sashimi/sushi possibilities. My wife complains there aren't enough noodles, but that's not what I go there for… Unlike the Clinton Hanami, there's no hibachi table, which for me means their focus is in the right place. Apart from the fact that their cold sake selection doesn't compare with Seiko's at Yooki Yama, and also the absence of fresh wasabi (see Wasabi, in Orange), I think they're the best in New Haven county. Try this place while it's still relatively undiscovered, and see if you don't agree.