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Best Bay Area Morning Buns??

I just had to ask . . .

Who has the best morning buns in the Bay Area??

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  1. Do you mean morning buns as defined by La Farine, "Croissant dough rolled thin, spread with brown sugar and cinnamon, rolled into a log, then cut and baked in muffin pans" or buns like the sinfully rich, fresh from the oven, ooey, gooey sticky bun I get when Lakeshore Arizmendi opens in the morning.

      1. The Downtown Bakery in Healdsburg (which also sells its wares at the Ferry Plaza Farmer's market) makes an excellent cinamon breakfast roll. It is just excellent sweet bread rolled with cinamon and sugar (so it is not a sticky bun).

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          The La Farine bun is great. Even reheated in the afternoon in the toaster oven (very carefully, as they will burn quite easily).

        2. Hands down, Tartine Bakery has the best morning buns. Not as heavy on cinnamon as I'd like, but the pastry is absolutely flaky, buttery and not doughy at all. It also has a hint of orange zest. They often sell out by mid-day. But if you can get them when they're warm, you'll understand the long line waiting out the front door in the morning.

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            I second Tartine! They always sell out very early, so get em when you can!

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              Got to agree. Actually did a blind taste test between La Farine and Tartine, and Tartine was the winner with just about everyone. And if you can get them warm...

          2. I have not tried it yet, but La Farine (Oakland) has savory morning buns with ham, cheese and onion. I have always preferred their croissant-y morning bun to the bread type.

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              oh, you definitely should try their savory morning bun. it's one of my favorite things

            2. Basque Boulangerie in Sonoma is very good if you are in the north bay.

              1. Gotta put my vote in for Bovine Bakery in Point Reyes Station. Parts are sticky others crispy and if you leave it in the paper bag for a couple of minuets the butter will make it translucent! Decadent and Wonderful

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                  Yea, you're right, chefj. Bovine Bakery is good--especially when they ask whether you want it dipped in sugar. Then they pull out a gigantic plastic tub filled with sugar, dump the warm morning bun in there and toss it around. Yummmm...

                  But my vote is still for Tartine for the best morning bun.

                2. Bread Garden. So. Damn. Good. Sticky chewy pecan-y, moist, delicious.

                  Bread Garden
                  2912 Domingo Ave, Berkeley, CA 94705

                  1. #1: Tartine
                    #2: Pizzaiolo Restaurant in Oakland (Fri & Sat mornings only, till about 9am)

                    But I'd sure like to try the others!

                    5008 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609

                    1. Bette's Bakeshop has good ones.

                      1807 4th St, Berkeley, CA 94710