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Jan 23, 2009 12:57 PM

Where to eat fish in Santa Barbara???

I'm on vacation from my kids with my little maltese. I'm hankering for some fresh fish. HELP!!! Need not be dog friendly.

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  1. See the same question posted same day - SB Shellfish Co. on Stearns Wharf, FisHouse.
    At the harbor, and very dog friendly, is a casual local spot called the Minnow that is supposed to have good fish tacos.

    1. For a fancy place, you could check out Stella Mare's -- they have *amazing* fish with really good sides. Probably not dog-friendly.

      For less pricey places, Fresco always has wonderful, fresh sandwiches and they do a lovely tuna melt. You can't go wrong with the fish tacos at the Natural Cafe (with several locations in Santa Barbara) and Brophy Brothers on the pier serves up big hunks of fresh-caught fish.

      1. For seafood try the Beachside CA in Goleta. Great seafood, slightly high prices.