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Jan 23, 2009 12:35 PM

V-Day dinner on Las Olas Suggestions

Hello All! Wanting to get some suggestions on where to take my hot date for V-Day dinner this year!

I have been hearing of multiple places and have no idea where to choose!!! Pleaase Help!!

I have been told the following:

Chima, Timpano's, Las Olas Cafe, Bova Prime, Jacksons(already booked :( ), and im sure theres others but cant think of them.

Anyways, im looking for a romantic setting with great food and would like to make it a nice night!!


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  1. I would say either Bova or Johnny V's

    1. Mancini's is the most romantic spot on Las Olas. Request a table outside beneath the hundreds of little white lights:

      1. I would not recommend Mancini's. The food is just okay and over priced. How about Johnny V? Has anyone tried Teal Bistro? I believe the chef is from Mark's.

        1. Mancini's food is good but I agree that it is way overpriced. Also the service is really terrible. Bova Prime is very nice inside, although I've never eaten there. Chima is a romantic place.

          1. Bova is a great setting for V day. Food is v good, design of the place is great (especially the big chandelier) and the waiters dress in white tuxedo jackets and black bow-ties.