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Jan 23, 2009 12:16 PM

Asian Food in The Desert

Can anyone recommend a good Chinese or sushi place within 20 minutes of Indian Wells... even one of the old "One From Column A and One from Column B" places?

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  1. You are going to have to drive into Las Vegas to find anything. You are pretty much limited to the casino on the south end of the base, and the microwave at the quicky mart at the Shell station for eating out.

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      My bad--I was thinking of Indian Springs in Nevada, about 30 miles north of North Las Vegas. Probably the best food is in the Officer's Mess at Creech Air Force Base...

    2. Supreme Dragon on Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Springs is semi=authentic and can be very good. A lot of the seafood dishes are prepared Hong Kong style, and I truly believe the review that said that when they opened, people stopped driving to Rowland Heights for their Chinese food. Two major caveats, though. If you order the non-Cantonese dishes (e.g., kung pao chicken, ma po tofu) I suspect they won't be very good. Secondly, the prices here are outrageous by Los Angeles standards, so personally I probably wouldn't go back. But if you have a hankering it beats driving to Rowland Heights or Las Vegas.

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        Thanks for the info. Where in Rowland Heights and Las Vegas would you suggest ?

        1. re: primary palate

          Rowland Heights is one great big Chinatown, albeit with a Taiwanese bent. Favorites include Happy Harbor in the 99 Ranch shopping center on Nogales, Seafood Village on Nogales and Hong Kong Palace on Colima. Check the Southwest board for Las Vegas, using search words Las Vegas and Chinatown.

      2. Actually if you're willing to drive as far as Riverside there's some good Chinese food there. UC Riverside has a significant Asian population, so some authentic Chinese eating places have sprung up to serve that segment of the student body. Of course we might have an expectational issue as to what you're looking for as I'm guessing that a lot of the Chinese at UCR are Taiwanese Americans, so that might not be the kind of food you're looking for. The one hot spot I know of is University Cafe, 1715 University Ave., which includes a selection of Taiwanese favorites on the menu. (Strangely this is stuff you won't find near the UCLA or USC campuses, which have a higher concentration of Asians in their student bodies. I guess those students are expected to trek into the San Gabriel valley.)

        1. if you would do Thai there is a great restaurant right on PCH.. Its Bangkok.. three or four. something like that.. They have another one in OC.. Very good.going towards PS its on the right.. very close to Indian Wells.. In Rancho Mirage I think..