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Jan 23, 2009 12:06 PM

Haiku Asian Bistro and Sushi Bar, Crossriver, NY

Cross River Plaza
Route 35 & 121
Cross River, NY 10518
(914) 763-9120
"Good freakin' food!

When I come to New York, Westchester to be more specific, I don't think about going for sushi. I've been to places in recent history that weren't worth writing or reading about, which equals not worth spending another dime in let alone going back to.

I was looking forward to trying this little number and I've been jonesing for sushi when I come to Westchester for a long time--so seemed perfect.

Well, the ambiance kicked ass and the fact that it did annoyed me because I didn't have my camera. In fact it made me feel like that's why it was so cool...

The waiter seemed to be rushing us when being in a rush was the last thing we were interested in. It was Saturday night, around 8pm, and we were sat right away, with several tables available.

We started with Asahi and hot saki--the way I prefer to start when dining on sushi. One guest started with that AND a fancy umbrella drink with out the umbrella--a White Cosmo: Svedka Raspberry Vodka, Cointreau, White Cranberry Juice & Sour Mix.
Saki hot, beer and Cosmo cold and delicious.

Interesting menu because although it was a Japanese sushi restaurant which also offered Chinese. This is something I noticed in the burbs of NY--Chinese restaurants offering sushi and Japanese places offering Chinese versus stand alone'

We stuck with the Japanese selections and actually ordered additional food a couple of times throughout our night out. One odd thing was that the sushi was priced by each piece versus the standard 2 per. What compounded this oddity is that the same version of the sashimi offerings was priced per 2 pieces. If your concerned about food cost just make the sushi slightly smaller, but really what are we talking about here--the tablespoon of rice can't cost a penny. And it comes off cheap when they don't need too. We ordered Salmon, Yellowtail, Albacore sushi and sashimi and both were lovely, fresh, and excellent quality. We ordered a couple of their special rolls which were interesting and creative, and I would recommend all of them.

Geisha roll: Inside- Shrimp Tempura & Avocado / Outside- Spicy Tuna & Tempura Crunch
Dinosaur Roll: Inside-Shrimp Tempura,Spicy Tuna & Avocado/Outside-Topped With Soft Shell Crab,Caviar & Eel Sauce
Yellowtail and Jalapeno roll

The food, drinks, and decor were fantastic!

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  1. We have never actually eaten in Haiku, but they deliver to us and the food is top notch. Everything is high quality. The menu is a bit different for take out, but it is excellent.

    1. Went here last Saturday. We all ordered sushi and standard rolls and were very happy. The fish is fresh. We did not try the specialty rolls or non-Japanese items.

      Brief review as this thread is in an archive and not sure if it will redirect to the NY State board.