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Jan 23, 2009 11:45 AM


Does anyone know which bars sell this alcohol....and suggestions of how to drink it (straight and/or mixed) - Give me some cocktail ideas for this drink!

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  1. Mortons steakhouse is doing a special where you learn about, drink a little of it, and have a steak.

    1. Hi liltamby5,

      Anisette Brasserie sells a variety of Absinthe Cocktails. You might get some ideas from their bartenders. Enjoy~

      1. Johnny's in highland park has it.

        1. I've had it once. You have this special spoon where you place a small sugar cube on it and slowly pour cold water over it until the cube dissolves completely into the glass of absinthe.

          1. Coles downtown has it. They make "Death in the Afternoon" which was Ernest Hemingway's signature drink.