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Jan 23, 2009 11:32 AM

playing with fire

My son's "big" gift this year was a little fire pit with a 10" pan that fits right over it http://www.holzspielzeug-discount-sho... . We also have some shishkabob skewers. I'm hoping we'll do lots of outdoor cooking, but am having a hard time coming up with simple vegetarian tasty ideas. We'll do vegetarian paella, and of course hobo stew, but beyond that I'm stuck.
Tastes: We used to live in Texas and would be happy for some Tex-Mex ideas (other than the obvious--bbq). His favorite foods are pasta with pesto, saag paneer, and pad see ewe. We're living in Germany now and he eats all sorts of casseroles and kraut-based things at school. We'll bring back supplies for s'mores on our next trip home; what else could we do for dessert?
Looking forward to yummy, simple ideas!

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  1. Thats cool and a European attitude - the description says that hte Zwergenfeuer mit Pfanne und Ständermade is made to aquaint kids (under supervision) with the use of fire and cooking. Seems like roasted vegetables would be good: strips of bell peppers and carrots brushed with a bit of oil, eggplant rounds brushed with a miso - lime juice mix, halves of small red onions, peeled avocado halves (get ones not quite ripe), ...

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      Wow--I never would've thought of eggplant rounds brushed with a miso - lime juice mix or peeled avocado halves (and I have half a tub of miso in the fridge)