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Jan 23, 2009 11:28 AM

Cooking Haggis

Just bought some Ernesto Handmade Haggis from Meat on the Beach, but no instructions as to what to do with it.

Do i boil it, steam it or cook it in the oven? Help, please.

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  1. My favorite way to cook haggis is to cut 11/2" thick slices and fry it. Crispy on the outside soft and spicy on the inside. Have it with a fried egg.

    1. Personally I'd have a problem buying a Scottish product made by someone named Ernesto! That being said, Haggis is/was traditionally cooked by boiling in a sheep's stomach. A process which is illegal in the U.S. My suggestion for cooking "haggis ina can" is to steam it. As The Kilted Cook, a Personal Chef, I make "Haggis" (in quotes) which is ground lamb, onion, egg for a binder, and a pinch of mace. I form it into a log, roll it in cheesecloth, and poach it in broth in a loafpan on the stove top. Comes out very much like the haggis I had in Kelso on The Borders, a few years back...

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        Haggis out of a can is an abomination. It's a tinny, salty oatmeal with meat bits thrown in. If you can't get one from a butcher or at a pub, don't bother. Even then, you might not want to bother; my Granny describes it as 'war-time food'. Not that bad, but not something you'd choose to eat once the rationing is lifted.

      2. Is it cooked already? That is to say, is it canned or what? If it's cooked, then follow haggisdragon's advice; if uncooked, KiltedCook's.

        1. I expect it's pre-cooked and needs only reheating. This link gives instructions and other recipes for a proper Burns Night this coming Sunday:

          1. And don't forget the whisky sauce.