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Jan 23, 2009 11:27 AM

Red Deer -- italian speciality foods?

Hello, does anyone know if there is an Italian specialty food shop in Red Deer, in central Alberta?

I'm specifically looking for a shop with good fresh pasta, imported balsamic and extra virgin olive oil -- that type of thing.


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  1. You can usually purchase your wanted items from a Farmer's Market. I know that in Edmonton, there is a gentleman who makes fresh pasta and sells it. It would appear that he sells TONS. I saw him in W/C, and he has 20 cases of eggs. . . NOT cartons, CASES. Just shows that pasta is HUGE.

    1. No Italian specialty stores in Red Deer that I know of.The usual Italian grocery
      store items can be found in the usual grocery stores.Specialty Italian groceries
      require a trip to Edmonton or Calgary.No fresh pasta at the local farmers market.
      This link may or may not interest you.

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        Thanks very much for your replies!

        rdch, that's a very interesting piece from The Advocate....I wonder how that oil tastes? I'm pretty partial to Italian DOP products, but the M+J oil intrigues.....