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Jan 23, 2009 10:50 AM

Half-price wine in Chicago Restaurants?

Hi there,

I'm interested in compiling a list of restaurants that offer half price wine on certain days of the week in the city. So far I have Bistrot Margot and La Sardine that both do this on Mondays. Anyone know of any others?

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  1. John's Place does on Thursdays. I'm pretty sure Sweets and Savories and Le Bouchon have 1/2 price days, too, but don't know what they are offhand.

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      Ok, I had a minute and looked it up - Le Bouchon does it on Mondays. Sweets and Savories' webiste is down - hope that's just due to technical difficulties!

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        >> Sweets and Savories' webiste is down - hope that's just due to technical difficulties!

        Sweets and Savories has created a new website, at a new website address. You can find it at

    2. There are many, many such promotions - some involving a half-price night, others a BYO night, still others with a special price for bottles of wine. One of the most comprehensive listings of such events is on Metromix, the entertainment website of the Chicago Tribune. Go to its dining web page at and on the right you'll see a calendar. Click on "deals" (rather than "events") and then click on whatever day/date you're interested in.

      I know Sweets and Savories has BYO night (no corkage fee) on Mondays, and also has $10 off their tasting menu on Mondays. If they do a half-price night, I don't know what night it is.

      Every Tuesday through March 30, Pete Miller's and Davis Street Fishmarket have a "20 for $20" deal, with 20 different wines available at that price. I assume this is at all three PM locations (Evanston, Wheeling, Schaumburg) and both DSF locations (Evanston, Schaumburg).

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        Thanks everyone - I actually find metromix site a bit frustrating hence my desire to build my own list - Sweets is a great restaurant - have only been once tho - and luv le bouchon too

      2. Cucina Paradiso in Oak Park does 1/2 price wine on Mondays also.

        1. I'm not sure about a half price night, but Sweets & Savories does have a pretty solid list of wines available for $29.

          1. Monday - Volo
            Tuesday - Sidebar
            Thursday - Gruppo di amici