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Jan 23, 2009 10:50 AM

Fleet Street, St. Paul's Cathedral Eats

What are some great yet inexpensive restaurants for groups around St. Paul's Cathedral and Fleet Street in The City of London?

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    1. re: foreignmuck

      I work in the area and can fully second the recommendation for Chilango - excellent burritos!

      You can also walk up to Exmouth Market - again I recommend the burritos up there (its about a 15minute walk).

    2. No personal experience of this place, but this was posted in late Dec:

      "the chow highlight of the week was stumbling upon the tiny Kolossi Grill on Rosebery near Farringdon, after finding out Moro (our target) was closed. what a great place. lamb soulva, greek salad, excellent fresh food, free mini-tumblers of Metaxa at the end, served by happy, competent, visibly drunk waiters (the 2nd-in-command, fittingly, is a dead ringer for Billy Martin), it was a party. is this how Bourdain feels all the time?"

      It sounds great.....I'm there first chance I get!