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Jan 23, 2009 10:44 AM

Valentine's Day Wine Dinner or ??? - Seattle

We're going to be downtown Seattle on Valentine's Day; I can't find any wine dinners, etc. Any suggestions? (Communal wine dinner is fine with us.) I imagine we're too late to book at many of the restaurants or is there something new that might have space? Please help; or we'll come over to YOUR house for dinner. (We'll bring the wine though.)

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Eat at home or observe on a different day. Mother's Day and Valentine's Day are the two worst days of the year to eat at a restaurant.

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        I have to disagree........Mothers Day YES, but personally, as a chef,I love to cook for people when they are celebrating their love for one another.Granted, at the turn-n-burns its rookie nite for sure and anything is likely to happen from lost reservations to burnt food .But for us......ummmm..."more attentive" joints, its a joyous day.We usually do specials and tasting menus themed to love songs or romantic movies or something to just to keep it fun and keep everyone go ahead and live it up Isay

      2. Have you checked out Kaspars? I haven't been there in years & years (since it was a real restaurant) but I'm going to their Washington wine dinner on Jan.30th and I see they have advertised a Valentine dinner as well. It doesn't mention wine, but I'm guessing they would be offering some matching wines for an additional price.