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Jan 23, 2009 10:38 AM

Steven Brown gone from Porter and Frye [msp]

ok, so the girlfriend and i were going to do a post-valentines valentines dinner at P and F in a couple weeks, and at this point we arent sure we want to spend a couple hundred dollars somewhere when the best case scenario is that whomever they bring in/promote kind of keeps things together and maintains the level of the food. In my experience even if the operations are kept up and moving ive seen the morale effects upheaval like this can cause in kitchens, so, fellow hounds, what do we do?

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  1. Bummer!

    Try Cue, now (or soon to be) under the leadership of Tim McKee?


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    1. re: The Dairy Queen

      The reports I've read suggest that McKee & Co. won't be taking over until the spring. I'm not saying that Cue is or is not a good place to go - I've never been. But don't expect to see Tim in the kitchen.

      1. re: bob s

        Agreed. But Tex did say a POST V-day dinner... ;-)


        1. re: The Dairy Queen

          we were gonna go out on the tuesday following v-day, but i admit i didnt specify how long post valentines.

      2. re: The Dairy Queen

        The Bon Apetit management team has landed another one. Hopefully they learned their lessons during round one with Chef Lenny. What's happening at LBV?

        1. re: keg

          Bon Apetit sold Cue to Culinaire who has hired Tim McKee. They take over in April. Word is it will be a fish focused restaurant.

      3. drat. i'd go to heartland. or alma. are you and the GF still doing the veg thang, TT?

        second thought there's still an atrocious amount of talent at p&f and it still might be a great bet. hmm.

        cue's a beautiful place with very nice staff. ahem.

        1. This sucks. My wife and I had planned on doing Sunday the 15th @ P&F to celebrate Valentine's Day.

          I guess it's LBV again this year.

          Wait...Flicker is still there right? I think Landon left awhile ago cuz I could swear I saw him working in the kitchen at Brasa last month.

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          1. re: Foureyes137

            Eric Anderson and Doug Flicker are still in the kitchen,

            Steven, Landon, and Josh Habiger are all out.

            Steven is a tremendous chef and person who will land on his feet somewhere. I hope Porter and Frye and Steven the best, both are great assets to the Twin Cities dining scene...

            1. re: vicks

              Keep the reservation.

              We were there last Friday (and sat at P&F's new kitchen table). Eric was expediting and hosting us, and it was our best meal there yet. Come to think of it, the last three times we've had the tasting menu (Jan., Dec., Oct), Steven wasn't in the kitchen at all.

              If Eric and Doug and the rest of the team are still at P&F, I'd say that you'll still get a spectacular meal. And all indications are that they're still working and creating great stuff. They were posting some of their new creations on Flickr as of yesterday.

          2. heard a murmur that s. brown may have something to do with the chowgirls operation now, that's a bit interesting.

            1. Dara has more on the story:


              This is truly maddening. I posted my thoughts on Dara's blog. P&F was putting out fantastic food. The management wants to broaden the appeal? As Dara says, doesn't that mean burgers and steaks and pizzas? The truly creative stuff they were doing was hidden in the tasting menu. There were plenty of "safe" choice on the regular menu. I get that it's all about $$$. But still, I grieve this loss.

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              1. re: FireRev

                Incredible. I was SO excited to go there, given the powerhouse team they had. Not saying they are going to completely fall off, but they will certainly lose some of their flair.

                I hope they still put out the kind of experience Dara raved about in her 'Best Restaurants' piece from November.