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Jan 23, 2009 10:36 AM

Grocery Stores in Sunset Park/Bay Ridge??

Just moved back from Spain and struggling to find a decent grocery store in Sunset Park (I'm at 63rd and 5th) or in Bay Ridge. I went to a MET which appalled me but I was desperate for groceries and some other Latino place on 5th I forget the name of. I'm looking for anything mid to high quality (is fresh meat and produce too much to ask for in the most culinary city in America?). Latino selection a plus and no, Goya products are not a selling point. They are the equivalent to "Hormel" in Latin America.


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  1. I think your best option is to go East.

    "Three Guys From Brooklyn" is a produce-only place at Ft. Hamilton Ave. and 65th St.

    Hong Kong Supermarket at 8th Ave and 63rdish is obviously great for Asian supplies, seems to have a decent meat counter and cheap prices. There are other smaller Asian shops along 8th.

    The Pathmark at 13th Ave. and 63rd is your typical large chain supermarket.
    Oh, and there is an Italian-American one called "Scaturro" at 11th? and 63rd.

    (I keep writing 63rd, but basically I mean "just north of 65th, on the other side of the tracks.")

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        Tried Hong Kong and loved it. Mei Lao, or Lei Mao or something, 1 block up also looks promising

    1. Without a car, it is Fresh Direct.

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        I second the Fresh Direct. I live off of Ridge in the 70's. Food City stinks, Associated is just so-so, and the FoodTown really has nothing better. I also recommend maybe getting Zipcar and investing in a Costco or BJ's membership and then head to Fairway.

        BTW--none of the Bay Ridge supermarkets from the 70s through the 90's had unsweetened cocoa powder. I had to get it from the natural food place on 3rd Ave.