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Jan 23, 2009 10:00 AM

What to do with lots of kumquats?

Hello fellow 'hounds,

I have a prolific little kumquat tree and the fruit is very tasty. I would love some ideas about what to do with the fruit, other than jam. Thanks!

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  1. I love candied kumquats!
    I used this recipe when I made them before.

    After you candy, you can use them to make tea, fancy mixed drinks or use some of the syrup to glaze a chicken or duck.
    I've had them added to a cheese plate at a restaurant as well.
    Or just snack on em!

    1. Probably not going to use up a lot of them, but I like to swap out kumquats for the orange/tangerine/whatever you use in cranberry sauce/relish. Thinly sliced, they're nice addition in both texture and flavor.

      They also garnish a cosmopolitan rather nicely. ;)

      1. Make liqueur. You can use pretty much any citrus liqueur recipe as a template. Or make kumquat-infused vodka (pretty much the same idea as liqueur, but without the sugar or other flavorings).

        I like them sliced in green salads. If I had enough to experiment with, I'd probably try to develop a recipe for braised chicken with kumquats.

        [Edited to add another suggestion.]

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          Hey, that was my idea! The vodka infusion part. And, aren't you too young to be suggesting things with vodka? ;-)

          (see picture)

        2. i boil them in a simple syrup until they're soft and give up all their juice and pulp, strain the seeds, then add some hot chinese mustard to taste to make one phenomenal glaze for grilled pork, fish, game hens, shoes, and anything else you have lying around!

          1. Preserved in salt as one might with lemons.

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              Interesting! What do you do with the salt-preserved ones and what do they taste like?

              Over the weekend, I made the kumquot marmalade from the Sunday Suppers at Lucques book. Not really a marmalade but you make candied kumquots in sugar syrup, then cut them up in strips and blend them into softened butter with a bit of the syrup and a bit of powdered sugar. I made a little jar for a weekend event and then somehow didn't get a taste, so I have to make another batch with the kumquots I have left. Looked beautiful though.