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Jan 23, 2009 09:52 AM

Strawberry Onion

Has anyone ever heard of and/or used them before? I found them at a local produce stand and bought it not without thinking of how to cook this new find.

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  1. Hi. It's a sweet onion grown in the strawberry fields near the berries. They're very mild, reasonably sweet, and not terribly suitable for cooking (they tend to disintegrate). Slice 'em thin and put them on a chicken sandwich (oddly, I just sliced the strawberry onion I got at the produce market in Plant City, and am serving it on my gourmet chicken sandwiches tonight)

    1. I have had decent success using them for cooking. I made French Onion Soup with last years crop and it turned out really nice. I have also roasted them along with red peppers and they come out great.

      They are my favorite part of strawberry season here in Plant City.
      (I'm Weird!)

      1. I know response a little late but i just joined searching every where for Strawberry Onions I found them @ Parksdale In Plant City and they are AMAZING i used them to make home made fajitas the taste it gave was awesome...I also used in My beef stew I have been cooking in a crock pot since 7 am and it also tastes amazing... I love Vadalia onions but these ROCK and are so much better ................

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          Strawberry onions... very intriguing. Any ideas on where to find them in Tampa (or elsewhere outside of Plant City)? Or even if the season has passed, where to find them next winter?

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            I have been getting them at the St. Pete Morning Market from Front Porch Produce and from several local produce stands in the Largo area.

        2. They are very good you would use them like you would use a stick onion or spring onion. I'm looking to buy them to have them shipped any place you my know. I brought a case home last week and need another.

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            I can't think of anyone that will ship, but I am headed up to my local farm this weekend to pick up a bunch.

          2. I have heard many great things about this fascinating variety of onion, being a resident vegan foodie from Plant City. I snagged one off of I4 at the Branch Forbes Market and am looking forward to using it in sautéed greens with red beans tonight. I will also be carefully washing the onion top and using that in the greens mix as well as some fresh spinach, and eating that as a side with Beer Biscuits and Gravy. Sooooooooooo psyched!!

            If you want to see Strawberry Onions in use. See this tonight, as well as my other vegan creations at my tumblr blog:

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            1. re: MelissaSuze

              We always just called them Florida onions. They are great. use the tops just like you would green onion and the bottoms, raw is best (salads sandwiches, etc...), but you can cook them too.

              1. re: Old E.

                I just started growing them around my garden to keep critters out of my cantaloupe and cucumbers. Does anyone know when to pick them? Cause they are getting huge, easily over a foot tall!!!

                1. re: Abodame99

                  The better question is how big are the onions...I wait to pick them until they are between clementine and softball size.

                  1. re: TampaAurora

                    The ones I buy at Cacciatore's on Hanley Rd. are about baseball size and I do something REALLY great with them... Actually it's been a while and now I have to do it ASAP... Dig this... I made it up...

                    I chop off most of the leafy greens but leave on about 3-4" of thick stem...
                    I cut them in half lengthwise... I cut a half inch off the round 'other' side so it will sit flat when I need it to.. But first I brown the big cut side in butter.... Their sweetness browns nicely...

                    Then I place them cut side up in shallow gratin baking dishes in opposite facing pairs (like shoes in a shoe box)...
                    I lightly crumble beef bouillon cubes over them, a lil' Worcestershire, and a pat of butter on each and bake at 375 for 1/2 hour or until the layers loosen---- then I pile high with a mixture of bread crumbs, shredded gruyere, and grated parm, and bake for 20 minutes or so more, till that's golden...

                    It's French Onion soup without the soup!
                    Killer side for a grilled steak...

                    I should have a photo somewhere...