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Jan 23, 2009 09:34 AM

Lunch in Cerritos - Gluten Free

My friends and I are looking for a for a good lunch spot in the Cerritos/Norwalk area that is relatively close to the Cerritos Performing Arts center. We typically do Indian food, but we are looking for a change. The one hiccup that makes it difficult is that one of the group suffers from celiac disease. She can usually swing bringing her own food to places to be accomodating to the rest of us but I am hoping to find something where she isn't forced to do that.

We are all pretty adventurous, but we are looking for something reasonably priced.

Thanks for all your help!!

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  1. There is this place called crabalicous, it is on south street in a small strip mall--
    but they have amazing basil or garlic flavored whole crabs (and other stuff)--but we usually get the crab and some shrimp over plain rice--no gluten. Although the restaurant is not gluten free specifically, so if her allergies are severe and the kitchen has to be gluten free, then it wont work.

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      Sorry to tell you but Crabalicious is gone!

    2. Being a parent of a child who is also on a gluten free diet, it is very hard to find restaurants that have a special gluten-free menu. The problem is that there are lost of stuff that has gluten in it like msg, flour, and soy sauce. This eliminates Asian foods in general.

      The only chain restaurant place is Chilis (yes Chilis) that has a gluten free menu.

      here is a link: they have a special gluten free menu.

      You could go with a steak/seafood place abd she can get grilled items. The problem is to watch out for certain seasonings as well. Make sure they do not let bread or such touch the food. Depending on the seriousness of the allergy that may even cause a problem.

      Sorry I don't think I was much help but at least there is Chilis.

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        Does she like BBQ???? How about Lucilles accross the street from the mall on South Street. they have ribs and I am pretty sure you can get them dry....

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