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Mar 13, 2004 04:49 PM

Desperately Seeking Mamey

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Help! Does anyone know if there's a farmer's market or produce stand in the LA area where I can buy mamey? It's an incredible tropical fruit I ate crates of in Mexico City, and I'm dying to find a place to buy it here in LA.

I am headed to the Grand Central Market tomorrow. Will I find it there? Where else should I look?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. You might also try El Mercado in East Los Angeles. It is the Mexican version of Farmers Market but with mariachis. Get there about 10:00 in the morning, do your shopping and then stop (I recommend the first floor (you will be able to hear the mariachis from there) and treat yourself to a big steaming bowl of menudo or pozole. Otherwise try a torta milanesa with a banana-pineapple licuado. The only advantage to upstairs is they sell beer upstairs and not downstairs.
    I believe it is located at or about 1st and Indiana. If you go report back. I was there about six weeks ago and was thrilled with mexican food that really tasted like you were in Mexico.

    1. I had no idea what this exotic fruit was until one day a few years ago I was at Guerrero Produce in Highland Park and one of the cashiers was munching on this mysterious, unfamiliar fruit. I was offered a taste and WOW!! The flavor was just so awesome and overwhelmingly seductive!!

      Guerrero is located on the N/W corner of York Blvd. and Avenue 56.

      The bad news is that the Mamey, which grows in tropical regions, apparently has a short season and is probably not available now. I have only seen it here during the fall.

      1. Last year I lucked into a perfectly ripe Mamey and was in heaven. Since then, I have unsucessfully tried to recreate the experience. Every Mamey since has no flavor at all. Let us know if you have better luck.

        1. Where I live (central Mexico), the mamey is in season *right now*. I suspect you'll find some in LA.

          Good luck there...or c'mon down here...

          1. The first shipments of Mamey from Florida came to LA last week and should be available now. I've only seen them downtown at the 7th street wholesale markets which means they will probably be in some hispanic markets this week. If I see some I'll check back. The cherimoyas I've been seeing are looking really good right now.

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              You could go down to the 7th Street Produce Mart and buy a crate of mamey for yourself. I just bought a box of avocados for $11 (approximately 10. I don't know what the fruit is so I can't report back whether they're available.

              Parking is a pain but the sellers are more than willing to deal with non-wholesalers who are willing to buy bulk.