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Jan 23, 2009 09:03 AM

Nice dinner in Bloomington, MN

Hey folks,

We live in Minneapolis and really do not leave the city . . .pretty much ever. My folks got us a room next weekend at the Hilton Garden Inn on American West Blvd in Bloomington for a night away from the kids. Is there anything to eat around there or do we need to eat in the city and the go back out. We are looking to do it right; multiple courses, well-paired wines, great service, great room. Any ideas?
ps. other than Caio Bella

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. There's the french restaurant in the Sofitel-- Chez Colette, maybe? There's also Kincaid's in that area. It's a chain, but it depends on how much you want to stay in the area, or how much you're willing to travel. There's Via near Southdale, which isn't too far.

      1. Out by 100 and 494? No, not a lot of options. You could try the Sofitel, as cheeseguysgirl suggests, but call ahead. I heard that they were converting at least one of their restaurants to banquets only. Kincaid's is close by and it's not bad for steaks and the like.

        Otherwise, I would suggest that if you really want a special night, drive into town or, at minimum, the 50th & France area, where there are some good options -- Broder's Pasta Bar, Heidi's, Cafe Maude.

        1. Just curious as to why not Ciao Bella?

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            Never heard of it. What's the scoop?

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              Some friends took us there when we first moved here and I was underwhelmed enough to not go back. It was too loud, the food was not memorable, and the Italian wines on their list were all of the large-production, usual suspects. Honestly, I have a pretty strong bias against Italian restaurants who do not put much effort into their Italian wine selection.


              We've dined at the Bloomington Chop House and were pretty pleased with the whole experience. Granted, this was for their special Thanksgiving Prix Fixe offering, but it gave us no reason not to go back.