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Jan 23, 2009 08:48 AM

hey streetgourmetla, what're your top reqs for Venice, SM, MDR area?

We usually go to La Fiesta Brava on Rose for the salsa and gauc and the BYOB, the La Oaxacena truck for tlyaudas and cesina, or -gasp- La Cabana (hey, the sopes are made from scratch at least!). but now that I took your advice about Mariscos Chente, I'm ruined. We live in venice but will travel a bit.... extra points if the places are open late!

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  1. Hey jdwdeville.Of course, having restaurants that do the job are desirable, at times I'm quite frustrated that all my favorites are so far away.Lucky for you that you are so close to Mariscos Chente, I'm truly envious.

    You have many great Oaxacan places very close to you.
    El Texate 316 Pico Bl. in Santa Monica
    El Sazon Oaxaqueno 12131 Washington Pl. in Mar Vista
    Monte Alban, well written about here on chowhound
    and the divey Juquila 11619 Santa Monica Bl
    All these are great for different reasons.Juquila is inexpensive, homey, and delivers solid food.El Texate is about the most underrrated, hardly ever mentioned, ususally empty when I've been, but they make great food.Sazon Oaxaqueno makes exceelnt moles and antojitos.You can't go wrong with any of these, although Moles La Tia has ruined me for mole.

    For seafood, MC is tops, and if you're willing to make it to Watts, check out Mariscos Los Koritas. 1310 E. Imperial Hwy.It's Nayarit style with pescado zarandeado, aguachiles, some cooked shrimp and fish dishes, and callo de hacha(raw scallops with lime).After Mariscos Chente, this is my next favorite mexican seafood place, serious bonus on the scallops.The setting alone is worth the trek.

    Angelica's in Lennox is great for their Pueblan mole verde and comida corrida(fast food).Simpls a delicious home cooking.10533 S. Inglewood Ave. Nearby Lennox Pollo for roast chicken, one of the best I've had here in LA.

    It's hard to compete with La Cabana's hours though.Let me know if you've tried some of these or end up going.Defeinitely make it out to Moles La Tia in East LA, another life changing experience and the best Oaxacan in LA.

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      hey streetgourmetla, thank you for the ideas! part of my new years resolution was only to eat when it is worth it, and this applies to everything from making my pastas from scratch at home to just having a simple mexican craving or not wanting to cook on a friday after work, it all has to be worthwhile and made with love. this way, even if i'm out spending money in this tight economic time, i feel it is completely justified (whereas, say, a McDonald's hamburger would help noone and contribute to eating up our shared resources..) because it is helping someone do what they love. will let you know how it goes....

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        Absolutely, it's a great time to support good restaurants and these working families.It feels good and tastes even better.Hurray for small business!