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Jan 23, 2009 08:38 AM

Solo Dining in LV--Help me choose between Bar Charlie and CUT.

I'm returning solo to LV at the end of March (Bellagio has great prices). I've booked Alex and Le Cirque. I'm trying to decide between Bar Charlie and CUT. Which should I choose. Thanks for your thoughts.

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  1. Vastly different experiences. CUT is a loud, modern and somewhat brash steakhouse. Bar Charlie is serene, elegant and luxurious.

    Bar Charlie is my favourite restaurant in Vegas hands down, if you can afford it and like the cuisine they offer, go now. No comparison in my opinion.


    1. Here's another vote for Bar Charlie. CUT is a very good steakhouse, but that's about it. Bar Charlie has some of the most interesting, and most delicious, food in town.

      1. Thanks. I left a message at Bar Charlie to make a reservation. Wish me luck.

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          You won't need luck, other than whether or not they will still be open. Bar Charlie is spectacular. CUT is very good too, but I agree with your choice. We were at Restaurant Charlie last week, Thursday night. No one was at Bar Charlie when we stopped in to say hi (around 7pm) and there were only two other parties in Restaurant Charlie although a big group did come in and go to a private room. I don't see how they can stay in business. We loved our dinner at Restaurant Charlie.

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            Restaurant Charlie called back to confirm my request for a reservation. The woman couldn't have been nicer making my reservation at Bar Charlie. I can't wait. They now have a 5, 8 and 14 course tasting menu.

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              I also would go with Charlie. I've had two memorable meals there.

              I also really enjoy CUT and would recommend putting it high on the list for your next trip. A previous poster described the ambiance as "brash". I don't agree with that at all. It's definitely a hip and modern place a far cry from the serenity of Restaurant Charlie and Alex. I like that they have reasonably sized (although pricey) portions. I was able to get an 8oz American Kobe ribeye for around $70. The meat was fantastic, a cut above other places in town. For about twice that price you can get Wagyu from Japan. I love steak but hate being full like it is easy to get with the oversized portions at most steakhouses.

              1. re: climberdoc

                Brash might not be the perfect word. When I last visited CUT though it was REALLY loud in there, the place was a mad hectic rush, our server was always in a rush, and really loud too. It wasn't what I'd call relaxing, but was a fine meal.