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Jan 23, 2009 08:13 AM

Emerils Tchoup Chop's New Chef?

Has anyone heard that Chef Greg Richie, the opening Executive Chef @ Roy's on Sand Lake Rd. is the new chef at Tchoup Chop?

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  1. I hadn't heard that, but they list Chef Greg on the Tchoup Chop website, so it's looking accurate.

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    1. re: Rona Gindin

      Accurate is right!! I dined there tonight and I must say what a great dining experience my fiance' and I had. The service was on point as all of Emeril's restaurants usually are and the food complimented the wonderful experience. The servers Daniel & Corey waited on us and they gave supperb attention to all details. They even brought out a spoon for our grouper dish and told us that without the sauce, the fish would not "come alive" and boy were they right! The dish was excellent. The hawaiian bread pudding die for!!! and the Mai-tai's...well you could have more than one, but boy oh boy was it strong. I loved all of it, if this Chef Greg stays around, I'll be dining there more often!

    2. Hopefully he changes something on the menu. The menu has barely changed since I dined there in 2003 and again in 2005. I won't be returning until that happens...

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        I dined at Tchoup about 6 months ago before the chef change, and the menu had been changed at that time...I just dined there last week, and the menu is revamped with an exceptional array of dishes as well as a little tweaking on the current dishes from what I see. I am still partial to the duck dish though, the pastrami confit, and sliced duck breast with asian vegetables, sticky rice, and a spicy basil sauce...I am a duck fan, and that has to be the best duck dish I have eaten in several years by far...That duck breast is tender as can be and meaty and flavorful. Who would have thought that a pastrami spiced duck leg would shine in pan-asian cuisine, but that duck leg just accents the dish well...Look forward to dining at Tchoup Chop again and maybe trying some of the other dishes as well...But that duck is a home run!!!

        1. re: NASCARfoodie

          Was in last night, had the crabcake and duck, both were excellent. Service has improved. Looking forward to more visits.

          1. re: herbert1

            I haven't logged in for a while, but I am happy to see you agree with me on the duck. I had dinner two nights ago, and went off the beaten path to try the salmon and I typically don't enjoy coconut rice but that dish was solid and beautiful. I also started with the ribs. Usually I shyed from the ribs there, because I am a bbq expert(I hail from South Carolina) and baby backs honestly suck. My server had me sold on them when they informed me that Chef Greg had recently changed to braised(and smoked) St. Louis style ribs so that was my starter and they were fork tender and moist. And yeah, met the GM before, but got to chatting with him about wine this time and he knows his shhhhhh.....Well you know, he is knowledgable

      2. Have they just not updated their menu online then, b/c looking at it there it seems that very little has changed in the last few years?

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        1. re: Corporate_40

          Yes, I went to the website and checked the menu there, and as far as I can see, it is not up to date at all. Not sure why...Even the wine list is off, hmm. If I pop in there sometime soon maybe I can get a copy of the new menu and list the items...

          1. re: NASCARfoodie

            The latest menu has been added as of yesterday. Chef Greg is working on a more extensive list of changes that will roll out in the near future. I'll share it once available.


        2. Yes, he has. Already positive changes have taken place, and I expect that to continue. This chef not only has a dynamic personality, he is very creative.. I know him from when he worked in Hawaii. Good looks aside, this guy can cook. Didnt he win a chef of the year award? Anyway, I think it should be expected to take a few months to incorporate changes because making too many at once might be a bad thing. I cant wait to go again. Great place for a date !

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          1. re: anticipation

            Definitely gonna give it another shot. Wasn't impressed with the service or the food on my prior visits. I love duck so, that will be my entree based on above description.