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Jan 23, 2009 07:46 AM

Non-holiday Chestnut ideas?

Bought a package of about 20 chestnuts and need ideas on how to prepare them in a non-holiday sort of way.

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  1. chestnut soup is wonderful - we first had it years ago at a great Italian restaurant and I made it a few years ago when someone gave me a bag. I don't remember the recipe I used but it was simple and similar to this one although I remember adding some cream to the one I made.

    1. Soup is good - I made parsnip, chestnut and apple the other day. I've also got a fabulous recipe for gnocchi with sausage and chestnuts which is absolutely delicious.

      1. I love eating them as is, roasted in a pan the traditional way with criss cross slices and some water. Cover so they steam. Some people do this in the oven but I've always done it stovetop and love when they blacken where the x's are!

        1. I made that Portugese soup of potatoes, onions, and spanish (not mexican!) chorizo, but subbed chestnuts for the potatoes and added a little sherry and a smidgen of saffron. Very tasty indeed.

          They also go well with roasted brussels sprouts of all things.