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Jan 23, 2009 07:44 AM

Preserved Grapefruit

I received a bajillion beautiful organic grapefruit a week ago, and I just cannot get through these things! I've juiced some, made grapefruit salads, grapefruit granitas, even grapefruit-infused vodka (!) and I still have no fewer than 2 dozen sitting on my counter.
I love preserved lemons (though I have never made them myself, I know it's relatively easy to do at home) - has anyone had any experience making preserved grapefruits? My concern is that the pith is so much thicker than with lemons and I wonder if it would impart too much bitterness. I've found recipes online for grapefruit marmalade, but I'm much more interested in the salt-cured variety of preserves.

Thanks in advance!


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  1. Yes you can.I shopped for ones with thinner pith to keep things easy.Also increased the salt 10-15% to make up for the lower acid.
    If the pith isn't thick ,marmalade is great.So is candy,preserved skin/zest from the ones you have only used the pulp.

    1. I tried making preserved grapefruit using my preserved lemon recipe and the result was just plain nasty. I'll try increasing the salt 10-15%....

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        I was really careful about how thick the pith was.Have also been told that cream of tartar will up the acid/lower the PH in a recipe useful way.As the thin skinned ones start to show up I'll do another batch with the increased salt and C of T.

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          Thanks for the tip! I went through and tried to select the 4 thinnest-skinned ones of my bunch and used probably >1/2 cup of coarse kosher salt. Tasting the brine, it tastes just a bit less salty than pickle brine ... maybe more salt? I will also try a bit of cream of tartar (great tip!). I had been wondering if I should add a splash or two of white vinegar to get more acid but we'll see if the c of t works.

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            C of T is one of the things used to increase the acidity of vinegar.Will do the job on its own.

            1. re: lcool

              Thanks for the help, lcool! =) Much appreciation.

      2. If you want to use up more besides preserving them, try making some grapefruit ice cubes. Just juice the grapefruit and put it into ice cube trays. Once they freeze up, pop the ice cubes into sprites or seltzer water or tea or any cocktails and they immediately brighten up the drinks. Or use it for your smoothies or slushies so it don't need ice cubes which may dilute your drinks.

        The skin is also great for making grapefruit syrup. Just steep them until the flavor comes out.

        1. Update:
          It's only been two weeks or so, but the cream of tartar trick seems to have been the key. The rinds are softening up beautifully and the pith has lost its bitterness. Couple more weeks to go!

          Thanks for all of the hints/tricks and suggestions!

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            Glad to here it.I just used the last of my "old" batch,spread around under the skin of a 9#
            capon stuffed with tarragon and lemon grass(freezer cleanout)My new batch is now 19 days,needs at least another 10 to "finish"