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Need takeout help-Highland and Melrose

Greetings all.

Babysitting my great-nephew Saturday night and want some takeout food to bring back to the house. Great Chinese, thai, pizza, etc. would be fine. I don't want to have to travel far, as I need to be close to the house.

Thanks for the help, hounds.

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  1. Pizzeria Mozza perhaps?

    Pizzeria Mozza
    6602 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90038

    1. I thought Pizzeria Mozza won't do takeout?

      Tomato Pie Pizza is pretty good, and I'm sure they deliver too.
      Mao's Kitchen is decent for Chinese.
      Bulan Thai is good if you don't mind vegetarian.

      1. Marios on Melrose and Vine will do takeout. I love the #14. mmmmmmmm.....

        1. Vito's on la Cienega has great pizza, but they may be a little far. They might deliver. There's a new pizza place on la brea and melrose that is pretty good. Don't know the name though.

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            Verrazano's? I think that's what it's called. Haven't been though. It's where The Pig used to be.

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              I second Verrazano's. They're on the east side of La Brea, a block south of Melrose. The Fresca (fresh mozzarella and basil) is our new favorite pie.

              612 N La Brea Ave
              Los Angeles, CA 90036
              (323) 933-1744

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                Some real good suggestions so far, and I appreciate them all.

          2. Bulan Thai, Angeli Caffe or M Cafe de Chaya would be great for takeout -- of course, taco trucks are always a fun option too.


            1. Mao's kitchen. Reasonably priced Chinese that errs on the healthy side. They deliver as well.

              Maos Kitchen
              7315 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046

              1. If you want delivery, here are a few places we use all the time.
                Galanga for Thai food
                Canter's Deli
                Damiano's Pizza
                Yummy.com if you need any groceries or drinks

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                  We don't really need delivery. There are two of us, so one of us can easily go pick up.

                2. larchmont is always a good option. most of the restaurants do take out but two that come to mind from my own babysitting days are:

                  - avacado grill which has good mexican food (think lots of clean flavors: chargrilled meats, fresh crisp veggies and not a lot of grease. i call it "california" mexican).

                  - la bottega is an italian bistro with pastas, sandwiches and salads. not the best italian in the world, but it definitely helps out in a pinch for basics like eggplant parms and chicken piccata.

                  there are quite a few other resturants on larchmont such as a louises, a chan dara (thai), village pizzeria (always crowded, over rated in my opinion) and z pizza which deliver to the hancock park area (and i think without charging).

                  1. Vito's, Angeli Caffe, East India Grill (great eggplant bharta) all deliver to that area. If you want take out, I agree with TailbackU about Mario's, and also think Tere's or (a bit more spendy) Ammo would be excellent choices. (Pizzeria Mozza only does take out if you're Steven Spielberg.)

                    Vito's Pizza
                    846 N La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90069

                    Tere's Mexican Grill
                    5870 Melrose Ave Ste 1, Los Angeles, CA 90038

                    Angeli Caffe
                    7274 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90046

                    Ammo Restaurant
                    1155 N. Highland Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90038

                    Mario's Peruvian & Seafood
                    5786 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038

                    East India Grill
                    345 N La Brea Ave Ste A, Los Angeles, CA 90036

                    1. Wonderful new place on Larchmont, too, the Larder with a variety of take out and the Breadbar Bread. Terrific quality and good prices.