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Jan 23, 2009 07:21 AM

NC BBQ Pork Face-Off

I recently had the pleasure of being able to compare, head-to-head (or should I say shoulder-to-shoulder) the bbq from Weanie Beanie in Shirlington to the pork you can purchase from Harris Teeter which is from North Carolina. They are both Eastern NC style bbq, no tomato sauce, just marinated in a vinegar-based sauce.

The Weanie Beanie sandwich is nice and hot and well-seasoned and tasty. However, if you want to have that smokey flavor that is essential to good bbq in the background, then the tray of Harris Teeter bbq is more like the real deal. Also, there is more variation in the size of the pieces of chopped pork,as where the WB sandwich is very finely minced throughout.

This one goes to the supermarket.

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  1. Thanks for the tip. Have you had anything else from Weenie Beenie? I'm very curious about their chili dogs.

    1. Steve,

      How does the Harris Teeter sandwich compare to Breadline's pulled pork? It's been decades since I've had a 3 a.m. chili dog or bbq sandwich at the Weenie Beenie. Glad to hear they're still hangin' in.

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      1. re: flavrmeistr

        The Breadline sandwich isn't a marinated bbq. I MUCH prefer that to the marinated, though I've never been to Eastern Carolina to have it at the source.

        Still, of all versions in Washington I've had so far of the vinegar-based bbq, the HarrisTeeter wins out.

        Also, I'm not sure what the hours are at Weenie Beanie. Whenever I go by there at night, it's closed.

        1. re: Steve

          They used to be open really late. Like I said, it's been decades. The Dixie Pig down on US1 below Mt. Vernon had a similar sandwich. Not sure if they're still in business.

          1. re: flavrmeistr

            i thought dixie pig was long gone, even though the sign remains?

        2. re: flavrmeistr

          flavr, to clarify, harris teeter sells a 12 oz. container of the meat in the deli section refrigerated case just underneath the area where they make sub sandwiches; they don't sell a sandwich per se. i like to buy the martin's potato dinner rolls to make my sandwiches.

          i've asked management at the harrison street location to carry the larger "tub" which the butcher told me was available. i need to reiterate my request..... maybe others should ask as well!

          ps, since i turned y'all on to this harris teeter Q,
          i've had a tougher time finding it in the case!

        3. i'm a carolinian (goldsboro, salisbury, boone, asheville, and raleigh, nc, in addition to a few places in south carolina), i grew up on nc-style bbq.

          the teeter's bbq isnt bad. i've grabbed it a few times. its the real thing, although not the best..

          if you want some better cue, drive out to chantilly and go to willards. its carolina-style and really good.

          also go down to the navy yard and try the bbq at levi's port cafe. its really good too. also great collards, mac n cheese, etc.

          i live pretty close but i've never gotten around to the weenie beenie for various reasons. maybe i'll get around to it this weekend though.