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Jan 23, 2009 07:19 AM

Coupe Space Winter Schedule

I've just seen the Winter schedule for the Coupe Space tasting club in Leslieville.

I went to one of their Fall events - the Cheese Boutique with Afrim - and it was amazing. It was more than a guided tasting, Afrim introduced some experimental products, whipped up some unexpected twists like using dry ice to make a sweet/savoury ice cream using vanilla and a sharp, orangy French cheese (that I sadly can't remember the name of), and making an adult version of a peanut buster parfait using preserved young walnut slices, fig reduction, ice cream and a nice, ripe cheese.

Vibe was communal tables and much open conversation between the guests and the hosts.

The listing is here:

FAT: A MISUNDERSTOOD INGREDIENT Tuesday February 3. 7-9pm. $75.
with Stephen Alexander, proprietor, Cumbrae Farms,
Jennifer McLagan, chef and author of Fat and Bones,

BIG(GER) REDS Wednesday February 25. 7-9pm. $75.
with Anne Martin, top sommelier and wine writer,

THE CHEESE BOUTIQUE’S ‘BEST OF THE BEST’ Monday March 30. 7-9pm. $75.
with Afrim Pristine, cheese expert/affineur, The Cheese Boutique,

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  1. Coup space has some fantastic events at that place, I love it. Definitely going to the Cheese boutique event

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      I love their sessions; I've been at one of the cheese ones and one of the big red wine ones, and am planning to go to the fat one (heaven help me!) I wish there were more venues like this, or that Coupe Space was able to run more of them.