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Jan 23, 2009 07:04 AM

has anyone been to zanzabelle's freight by night prix fixe dinners?

just curious, seems like they have great menus

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  1. They are really, really good. Plus, with BYOB, you save a lot of cash. Recently, I had salmon tartare, neiman ranch flank steak and panna cotta for 22$ per person. It's cute, too--in a toy/candy store!

    1. Yeah, it's fantastic, and miraculously it has not been discovered-- but they need support! I just posted on it:

      1. Hi -

        Sounds good! How do you find out what the upcoming specials are if there's no web site (just call?) Also, is there a wine list or is it strictly BYOB? Thanks!!

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          You have to call or e-mail the chef-- info is on my posting above. No website. It's very small and personal! And it's strictly BYOB. They were trying to set up some relationship with Silverlake Wine, but I'm not sure if that's working out.

        2. I just came back from dinner there tonight. $30 per person for a spectacular four course meal. It started off with a beef carpaccio dressed with a mustard vinaigrette and topped with fried leeks, followed by a Chilean bass, a sweet seared duck breast and an almond sorbet drizzled with dulce de leche. Everything was delicious and the atmosphere was quaint and cute. I definitely will be back!!!

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            Is all the seating outdoors? I was worried it would be chilly if so. It sounds like the price changes from meal to meal, from under $20 to $30.

            1. re: Chowpatty

              There are two indoor tables, and you can reserve them. Otherwise it's outdoors under a heater, and it can get a little chilly.

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                I spoke to Matt (the chef) and Jackie (his wife & hostess). The price ranges depending on what they serve. They decided to go all out last weekend, so the price was higher. But, it was well worth it IMHO. The family dinner nights on Thursdays are less pricey. They'll do tacos or something casual and fun. Fridays and Saturdays I think are more formal so more expensive. We sat inside. It was warm and cozy with a view of the fun toys they have there. If you call the number on the EatLA post, the chef will tell you what the menu is.

            2. We went on Saturday night and it was fantastic. There were only 3 tables of diners at any time and the space was warm and cozy. Matt and Jackie were fun and gracious and all of the food was delicious and well-executed.

              This was a really special experience and a bargain at $30!

              Michael mentioned that next weekend is going to be a less-expensive/more casual enchilada dinner.

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                Hey, Scurvy -- I was at one of those other two tables! I loved the sea bass!