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Jan 23, 2009 06:41 AM

Grocery Stores - Doylestown Area

So we did it. We bought a house and moved from the lovely Yardley area to Doylestown. Still getting adjusted to the area.. but the biggest problem is where to shop. Admittedly we were spoiled with McCafferys right around the corner from us. But, we went from prepared food, coffee bar, and international/specialty food - to a very small grocery store that did not know what sushi was and did not have a fish counter! They also had local venison in the meat section... So help me please D-town people. Where are you shopping for your groceries!


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  1. We go to Wegman's in Warrington usually. If we don't want to run down 611, I prefer Acme, my wife usually goes to Genuardi's. I think the Acme has a pretty good seafood case, and the produce is pretty good as well.

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    1. WEGMANS!!!!!!!!!!!! Much better store than McCafferys. For Italian specialty items ,meats and prepared foods go to Altomontes in warminster (smaller store in doylestown ,but go to original). None Such Farms in buckingham has great meat and grow a lot of their own produce (a little pricey ,but quality) Solebury Orchards for fruits and veggies ,especially in the summer and Hellers Seafood in Warrington for fish.

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        Super. I will have to try them all. Thank you!

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          Agree on the Wegman's vote. It takes me half an hour to get there but it is so worth it. And I believe they are still open 24 hours which is nice for nite owls or really early birds. Sigh, I remember when Doylestown had two small but wonderful grocery stores right in town. My mom was always sending me to one or the other for custom roasts she had ordered or nice pampered produce and such.

      2. You may want to try Tabora Farms. Not grocery, per se, but great prepared food and produce in season. As the name suggests, they grow a lot of their own and it's the place to go in season.

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          sweet thanks. I am pretty sure that is right down the street from me. I will have to check it out.
          Thank you!

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            Made a fast run to Tabora today. They are renovating so they are closed tuesdays for a couple more months. I had very little time, which is no fun because the place is charming and needs to be browsed. I grabbed a rosemary and something or other whole chicken, (it's out in the car getting nicely chilled at the moment), a peach pie, a jewish apple cake loaf, and s small streusel danish to munch on while driving. (just the danish that is he he) I know, I know, eating while driving is no way for a chowhound to partake of food. I ogled the big chicken croquettes and quiche in the prepared food section and just grabbed the chicken before all the wonderful choices paralyzed me. I had to leave the cheesecake, scones, cookies, big round of cranberry pecan yeast raised bread, hot chili, fried chicken, potato salad, mashed sweet potatoes, brownies, and many other seductive choices for another day. I asked and they are planning to enlarge the fresh produce area and also put in a small outdoor dining area sometime in the future for part of the renovations.

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            Tabora is fun to visit, very charming, and they always have a nice selection of breads baked on site. Stopping there always makes my day!

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              I really like Tabora, but not everything there is wonderful. Some of the baked goods are so-so, and some very good. The deli stuff tends to be high quality (I was there the other day and there were free samples of a roasted garlic dip they had just made that had fresh thyme in it- yum.) There's also a weird mix of gifty crap and nice things for sale. Overall it's nice, though, and I love that there are chickens walking around, and orchards. Nice people there, too.

          3. I second going to Heller's Seafood for fish. Better than Wegman's for fish, and it's a mom and pop place instead of a chain. It's at 611 and Bristol Rd. in the strip next to the post office in Warrington. For meat, Haring Brothers is good-- go up 611 north from Doylestown, and it's just a mile or two up, just past the big garden place with the fountain-- turn left on Haring rd, I think it is. If you want to go driving a little, there's wonderful other places within half an hour or so: Blooming Glen Pork and Catering, Bolton's (for turkey/chicken/beef), Hendricks for artisinal cheese.... lots of stuff in the area. For supermarkets, you'll just have to get to know them and see what you like for what, and Wegman's is just down the road.

            1. Illg's (old time German butcher), off of Swamp Road in Warrington, is worth a visit. When summer rolls around, you need to stop at None Such Farms market stand. Other than that, ditto on the Wegman's recommendations. I'd just try to make my first visit at an "off" time so that you browse more easily.

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                Just a minor adjustment. Illg's is on Folly Road between County Line and Street Road.

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                  Yikes. Thanks for correcting me. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.......